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utility knife handle

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I need to work on my print quality, but just wanted to share something functional I designed and printed. It's a two-piece handle for a utility knife blade. I modeled one half, mirrored it, and then enlarged the holes in the second half and added countersinks to those holes (the holes are sized for 4-40 screw tap and clearance). In hindsight, I should have made the halves unequal thickness and just put the recess for the blade in one half. I guess I will have to try version 2 tomorrow. I did test this one on a cardboard box and it cut nicely (especially since it has a brand new blade). After printing, I had to drill out the holes larger, tap the holes in the one side, and touch up the countersinks, but all in all, I'm pretty happy since I have just gotten my printer running this week. :D

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Here's version 2.0. I printed much slower (50 mm/s) and used 100% fill density. I had to snug the extruder pinch knob a couple times to get it feeding consistently. Print temperature was 220*C.

The holes in the halves didn't quite line up perfectly, so they're shifted slightly when screwed together (I think I will just model holes in one half and then drill through into the other half after printing). I also accidentally peeled a few strands from the perimeter while sanding it with some 400 grit sandpaper. The blade recess needs to be a smidge larger too. I think I will also increase the wall thickness setting.

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Thanks. I will definitely post some form of it up there. I'm up to version 5 now...

I did one last version of the two-piece before I decided to try a one-piece (with the part being built on edge instead of on its side). The first one-piece didn't turn out so great cause it wasn't very stable (only 1/4" wide) and it partially broke loose from the platform as it was printing the upper portion. I solved that problem by adding some removable stabilizers underneath it for version 5. Version 5 was supposed to have the little nub on the underside too, but the first layer of the nub didn't adhere well to the platform (since it was basically a single line) and it got hosed from there (I might change it to being a "bite" shape out of the perimeter instead). Also came up with a cap that makes it look like a jumbo USB key or a cigar cutter (also a one-piece). Still need to work on tuning some parameters to get better print quality, but I've just been having too much fun messing around with different designs. :D

If anyone wants to make some knives until I get something uploaded to Thingiverse, you really only need the blade recess dimensions and then the rest of the handle can be built around that:

-recess thickness = 0.025" (blade measured 0.023")

-recess height = 0.770" (was .750" in drawing above)

-distance from breakout at top to rear blade hole = .775"

-distance between blade holes (center to center) = .260"

-distance from rear blade hole center to closest corner = .520" (was .500" in drawing above)

-distance from top edge of recess to blade hole centers = .100" (was .063" in drawing above)

I used 4-40 screws, but M3s should work as well since they are just a tiny bit larger.

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