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Newbie 20mm cube issues

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Lightsaber_renders.thumb.jpg.c177e00f9ce0e499afab56b945ab1fb6.jpgGreat forum, already got me started with printing.

I've tried the following.

1. Netfab (pad version)

2. ReplicatorG Ultimaker 35

3. Cura

4. Marlin v3, (and v2 and v1) and the default ship 5D

So I've got the 20mm cube, it sticks fine to the surface, it starts well, but after 4mm it goes wrong, the cube becomes offset by about 5mm a big jump, then it all get's worse as it tried to print the cube and jumps again.

I was also getting a gradual offset, tiny amounts layer by layer. The offste seems to be in the Y axis.

Is this a hardware of software problem?

I did add the Marlin v3 using the RepG software, the Cura won't connect now to the printer, where it was when I installed the Marlin v3 using the Cura wizard.

Well I've a lot to learn, but that's all part of this world!

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It's a hardware problem. Most likely it's the small belt to the Y motor which doesn't have enough tension.


* All belt tensions

* Make sure all pulleys are tightly screwed on the axes

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check to see if your axes move smoothly (ish... mine still require some force to get the head moving, but I would say like a moderate amount). Make sure they are aligned and the belts are tight. Loose belts cause the axes to skew during fast moves and that may make them bind. Those belts are such a nuisance!! How fast are you trying to go?

To get rid of this problem I had to realign my axes (using a pair of calipers!) and grease my rods (I used silicone grease like for foosball tables). I also slowed my printer down a bit (200 mm/s travel instead of 250). Some people have had success with taking the brass bushings out and sanding the insides of them to widen them a tiny bit. I was too lazy to take my printer apart to do that, but you might have to.

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IMG_20140730_021625.thumb.jpg.fdc9f193a65a52a8f810bb266c9049c0.jpgThanks for the replies.

I tightened the belts, this made a difference and the sides were much more even.

The second problem of after about 4mm of printing well, the print goes off to another part of the build area, and seems out of control.

Is this still related to belt tension or the gcode?

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