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Problème extrusion dual extrusion kit

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Je viens de finir de monter le kit dual extrusion, et j'ai commencé à lancer quelques impressions. Cependant j'ai de gros soucis d'extrusion.

Lorsque j'imprime, la première couche de matière s'applique correctement, cependant lorsque la deuxième buse applique l'autre matière je suis en sous extrusion, la matière ne sort pas complétement.Concrètement, à chaque changement d'extrudeur je suis en sous extrusion. Au bout de 2 min la matière commence à revenir.

Lors de l’utilisation de la buse N°1, la buse N°2 doit toujours extruder ou elle extrude uniquement lorsqu'elle arrive au dessus de la pièce ?

Je pense au feeder, cependant quelle est la méthode pour être sur qu'il est bien réglé ?

Merci d'avance



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Hi Dim3nsionneer,

Thank you for your answer, here is my english issue

I have just finished to fit the dual extrusion kit and I have some extrusion problems.

When I print with the first extruder, the material is applied correctly, however, when the second extruder is working it doesn’t work properly. I have not enough material. After 2 minutes the material flowing.

I think I have a problem with the feeder. When the first extrusion is working, the second extrusion must continue to work or not?

What is the best solution to set the feeder?

What is your basic settings with the dual extrusion kit?

What is the last update about the marlin firmware?

I am sorry for the English mistakes!

Many thanks for people who help me


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Does the second feeder wheel turn when it should? If yes, then it's rather a problem of proper priming.

I recommend you test the new extruder separately. Generate a gcode file for the one extruder and replace all instances of 'T0' you find in the file with 'T1'. If there is no 'T0', add a 'T1' before heating commands (M104, M109). Expand the heating commands with a 'T1', e.g. 'M109 T1 S210'.

Before trying a dual extrusion print, you should make sure that both extruder work properly on single prints.

Which Marlin version do you use? Default firmware bundled with Cura, generated with the marlinbuilder or self-compiled?

What's your setting for the gcode flavour setting in the machine settings of Cura?


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Yes the second feeder wheel turn when it should !

Should I use the wipe and prime tower or the Ooze shield ?

I am going to generate a gcode file and replace all instances of "T0" with "T1" tomorrow.

What does mean T1 and T0 ?

I use the default firmware bundled with Cura 14.07 (Ultimaker 13.12 December 16 2013 250 000 dual)

About the gcode, I have always had a very good result with one extruder, that why I never modify the gcode file.

Thank you dim3nsionee for your help :)


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T0 and T1 are the codes for extruder 0 (first extruder) and extruder 1 (second extruder). A T0 or T1 alone switches from one extruder to the other; together with a Mxxx command it specifies on which extruder the Mxxx command is applied.

I use both wipe&prime tower and ooze shield.


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