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Wrong build volume in Cura

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The specs for the Ultimaker original say:

Build volume: 210 x 210 x 205 mm

Cura's standard setting for the ultimaker is

205 x 205 x 200 mm

But on the build platform slicing only works for

195 x 195 x 197 mm

I am using only one extruder.

Every one getting a part of the cake?

Whats going on here?



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Cura takes some safety margins, and I took some worst case measurements to garantee no kit-build Ultimaker gets into problems, which is where the 205 comes from. You can increase this size in your machine config if you want, but you might need to adjust some endstops to get access to the full 210x210 area. As there is quite some wiggle-room in here.

Skirt and raft can increase the area required for the print, as the extend beyond the print itself. Cura also does some rounding (to increase calculation speed), which might cost you 0 to 2 mm depending on the object.

Height also depends a bit on the printer (but atleast the specs no longer say 230 for height as it did 2 years ago). Dual-extrusion cuts a few mm in height, and depending on the hotend you might also win/lose some mm. So that's why the default is at 200.

Final note, there are no real limits in Cura, you can configure whatever you want, how you want it. It's just that I set the defaults on a sane and safe value. Which is a bit more complex for the Ultimaker Original, as there are a lot of variations out there.


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