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A probably simple problem...


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Posted · A probably simple problem...

Hi all! Just got my Ultimaker the other day. Assembly went well, and thus begins the learning curve. Tried a few prints with RepG, but decided to skip that and head on to Cura immediately, since it sounds so much better and easier.


When I first started Cura a First Run wizard pops up. Great! I chose "Ultimaker", and then "Upgrade to Marlin Firmware". Printer gives of a slight humm while it does it's thing, and I click next and "run checks". It says:

Connecting to machine...

Checking start message...

And then nothing. Even some ten minutes later. So I try again, same thing. Clicks "Skip checks", and arrives at the extruder calibration page: Clicks "Heatup for filament removal", but nothing happens. I try to slice some model, everything works perfectly, then try to print it, I get a humm again, and a popup comes up with a few stats, two grayed out buttons and an active "connect" button, which brings about another humm, but nothing more. Pronterface doesn't seem to be able to connect at all. And, of course, RepG doesn't wanna play with Marlin (right?).

What to do?


Brand new Ultimaker, with PCB version 1.5.6, carefully assembled, unmodified (so far).

Computer: Dell Optiplex 745 with an Intel Core2Duo 6600 and 3 GB of RAM, running Ubuntu 10.10. I have also tried on my main computer with Ubuntu 12.04, but it had some (I believe) unrelated issue with its USB.

Before getting Cura to work, I ran this command which I found somewhere around here:

sudo apt-get install python python-serial python-wxgtk2.8 python-opengl

What I have tried:

I tried to reinstall the firmware again, and install the same firmware but from another source (Daids very helpful make-your-own-marlin web-page), but no difference. Rebooting doesn't help either. I have also tried to play around with the baudrate (which is a complete mystery to me by the way).

Things I suspect:

Something might be up with Ubuntu 10.10, or there might be some dependency I have overlooked. Or the PCB 1.5.6 might be so new that it's incompatible somehow with that version of Marlin (unlikely right?). Other than that, the only thing I can think of is some fault with the PCB itself, but it worked fine with RepG before, so I don't think so.

Thanks for any response!

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    Posted · A probably simple problem...

    There is known problem with the linux version, which is that it does not work with the default baudrate of 250000. You need to install an 115200 baudrate marlin (build from my builder) and configure Cura to use 115200.

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    Posted · A probably simple problem...

    Thank you for a quick response! That is just the kind of solution I was expecting :)

    Trying now...

    [edit] Yes, that solved it! thank you :)

    Btw, thanks for an amazing program; I'm like 3 layers into my third print in total, first with Cura, and I already see an amazing difference...

    For all you people in the future with the same problem: The Marlyn builder can be found at http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/ (at the time of writing); I entered the baudrate 115200 instead of 250000, and hit "build" at the bottom. After that I clicked "download hexfile", and copy-pasted what comes up into a textfile named "something-or-other.hex", went to Cura, and chose Expert>Install custom firmware in the menu, and chose the .hex file I just created. After that, it at first didn't work, but I went to File>Preferences in the menu and changed the baudrate there as well, and after that everything was just dandy :D:D


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