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Calling all simplify 3d users Help

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I'm using s3d and set up three steps in my file to print different res and time and temp settings but when it's finished the first stage it goes to the beginning of the second and dumps pla into the model it is like it is starting all over again any ideas how to stop this it must be a simple setting but where.

On the first stage it has the same setting where it purges material I thought of deleting all scripts from the second and third stage?.

Also how do I find the exact location of this code. The g code is not numbered is if it's on line 900 how do I find it.

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Using S3D myself for a while now, still struggling with retraction blobs, while printing thin walls, perhaps you can help me with that problem ;).

Is it possible to post a picture with your problem? telling more than words.

For now you might check you first layer settings.

S3D simply stacks all you processes on each other, you have to set your start and stop height of each process carefully.

In the layertab you have to uncheck the raft and skirt boxes otherwise it starts printing skirts in midair.


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Hi 3D Case

sorry I have no picture I dont explain my self very well as I said when you set multiple stages up say 1 to three when the first if finished and starts the second the head went to start position and dumped material through the last layer it just had printed SO I deleted the scripts in the second and third and that worked BUT it still injects a small amount of material,

as for retraction / blobs I too find it difficult I switched materias from gold pla to whit pla and printed at 210 I had loads of blobs from the nozzle oozing so I reduced the temp down to 190 which is where I used to print increased retract dist up to 5.0 and wipe dist to .80 with retract speed at 2300 fans on at 50% and this helped me . I also trying the ooze rate 90 and minimum retract to 1.0 layer height im using at moment is .10 on a four hr print if I can will post a picture when its done.

I really like S3d I am doing a print that I think will never be succefull but other prints whee theres multiple parts I think the software is excellent just wish oozzing could be sorted.



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I'm printing with a UMorg, perhaps a Um2 reacts different, while changing process. Changing from first to second process gives a little extra pause between the layers.

When using multiple processes, when preparing the print. Do you choose the, Continues printing, or object by object option, that might be a difference?

For retraction, have not tried the Wipe and ooze options yet. Going to try it now;)


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Well I tried the ooze and wipe (set at .8mm) and it sort of worked but the problem I'm having is that I think at a certain point of the print there are a lot of retract rs and there's no way around that I think the pressure build up in the the nozzle and it oozes a lot, will post a couple of pics later but definitely reducing the temp worked but I think I get a better finish with Cura MARGINLY the print is still crap really, no s3d 's fault though.

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Sorry for the time taken to put pics up but I made the mistake of changing the colour of pal in my printer and things have not been the same since I am struggling with quality of print not just these two pics but others. I didn't expect such a change in printing I usually print at 190 but things have not worked well I am using colour fab PLA how hear are the two pics not very good really even the internal quality is not that good..


White 2

as you can see this Oozing lark is getting really annoying I get a better surface finish with Cura I also think that dimensionally Cura is more accurate I wonder if the Extrusion rate in s3s is set to high (105%)


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