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Problem: Replicator controls do not respond

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Posted · Problem: Replicator controls do not respond

Hello forum,

This is my first post, i just finished the assembly of my Ultimaker.

Now i had no problems -that i am aware of- until the instalation of the Replicator and the configuration of the Arduino drivers.

I run Windows 7 and have a new Ultimaker that came two weeks ago with the new arduino chip.

When i configure the port and machine in Replicator and pless the ON button i get the green light BUT with this log output:


[02] Load file : C:Userskyrios karpoyzhsDesktopTEST.gcode

[02] C:Userskyrios karpoyzhsDesktopTEST.stl

[02] Got name Default

[02] Parsed object name[Default] facets 14724

[02] Supports RC

[02] Connecting to machine using serial port: COM3

[02] Initializing Serial.

[02] Attempting to reset RepRap (pulsing RTS)

[02] Supports RC

[02] IOException retrieving version file at


[02] GCode sent. waiting for response..

[02] external reset

[02] last updated: 2012-05-02 | author: erik

[02] free memory: 4424 plannerbufferbytes: 1232

[02] using default settings:

[02] steps per unit:

[02] m92 x78.74 y78.74 z533.00 e14.00

[02] maximum feedrates (mm/s):

[02] m203 x500.00 y500.00 z5.00 e145.00

[02] maximum acceleration (mm/s2):

[02] m201 x9000 y9000 z100 e10000

[02] acceleration: s=acceleration, t=retract acceleration

[02] m204 s3000.00 t3000.00

[02] advanced variables: s=min feedrate (mm/s), t=min travel feedrate (mm/s), b=minimum segment time (ms), x=maximum xy jerk (mm/s), z=maximum z jerk (mm/s)

[02] m205 s1.00 t1.00 b20000 x20.00 z0.40 e5.00

[02] pid settings:

[02] m301 p22.20 i1.08 d114.00

[02] 1

[02] Unknown: : extruder switched off. mintemp triggered !

[02] printer stopped deu to errors. fix the error and use m999 to restart!. (temperature is reset. set it before restarting)

[02] sd init fail

[02] SD card failure!

[02] Ready.

[02] Yes, I have a Realtime Control feature.

[02] Supports RC

Now, like i said i get the green status bar and the message : Machine Ultimaker Sprinter/Marlin ready on COM3 etc etc.

So i said what the hell, and proceeded. BUT when i open control to manually move around -when i say manualy i mean by clicking the arrows in the control-

i either get an error which closes the control tab and sets the status of the machine on orange, with some message about the firmware, or simply does nothing

and Replicator gets stuck.

I tried to reposition the yellow red wires on the top of the extuder -even tried switching them putting the yellow on the right and the red on the left- but nothing.

I tried re setting the white wires at the motherboard below, and all electronic connections. Nothing.

The only thing that works in the control is the enabling and disabling of the steper motor. But really thats it, i cant change the temp, i cant move arround the xyz

i cant trigger the extruder forwards back or stop, nothing.

Please some help?

Thanks in advance,


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    Posted · Problem: Replicator controls do not respond

    I POST a reply to notify that i solved this problem for future reference or people looking into replying.

    The only things i did was to cut the excess on the wiring of the yellow/red temp control lead

    and update the firmware and machine.

    I had problems updating the firmware with ReplicatorG 0035 so i installed 0034 and then updated to Marlin experimental

    and then returned to 0035 to select driver as Experimental Marlin and then all worked.

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