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Issue with Ultimaker 1 I sold on ebay

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Posted · Issue with Ultimaker 1 I sold on ebay

Hi folks,

Just hoping that someone on here can help.

I recently sold my factory assembled Ultimaker 1 on ebay. After two weeks that guy has come back to me to say that it isn't working.

He says the following: 'The heat block and peek isolator screw threads are both filled with burnt plastic. There is so much in there they are not screwed together. I would need to heat with a blow torch to try and clean them out'


'I have already tried to give them a clean out. that's how I found there was so much burned material inside them. The threads are practically shot which is why you had so much plastic leaking and burning. A 15 min test is not really anything with one of these considering the time it takes to build a pice of any real size to get through material.'

The 15 minute test that he mentions is where I printed a section of an item that I had previously printed before. This built up enough of the layers and also the honeycombing inside for me to be satisfied that the printer was working fully. There were no burn marks and structure was perfectly formed. Surely if the printer had these problems before I sent it to him then I wouldn't have been to print anything?

Also I have never encountered any leaking or burning of the PLA.

Basically what I'm asking is if anyone has ever encountered this problem before and could it be something that this person has done when setting up after he received it?

Thanks in advance for any help or assistance.



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Posted · Issue with Ultimaker 1 I sold on ebay

I think e-bay is a bit of a buy what is seen if he accepted that you had done a 15 minute test then that is his risk - yu showed that it was working to that test when it left your hands.

Plus those parts are NOT that expensive.

I once bought something that had been advertised as working ans clearly was not when I got it - the seller paid for the spare parts which I replaced - you could go that route, or just tell him that it was working when it left you.

He took it apart rather than come back to you and say it was not working ......




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