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  1. If I am doing a one off for a friend then I charge nothing - but I make it clear it is a one off. If it is for an unknown person then it is a complicated set of questions How do you value your time How do you value your machine time Machine time is easy - write off the machine plus spares plus maintenance over a three year period. Allow for 35 hours of printing a week - then do the maths Your time - well, I assume you are not currently a full time 3D printer ... if you want to be then divide the salary you want over 35 hour week, plus taxes, plus overhead and you have an hourly rate
  2. @sanderVG so I have some learning to do - every other forum I visit offers me a 'new since last visit' button, but I will try to work out filters and how to save them - new to me. Based in UK - London The closed bit is the need to bring everything under the UM 'brand' - I can completely understand why - and it is a 'fear' of mine. One of the reasons that I did not move to the UM2 was because of the lack of interchangeable nozzles, auto filament feed, more restrictive material use (from deformations at higher temps) though I recognised the need to make the machine more 'sexy' and usable by n
  3. @SanderVG Have I missed the button that just lets me see messages since my last visit? - still can't find it anywhere. So when I view a message - I click back in my browser and it does not show that I have read it - only if I reload the page, which then takes an age? ..... on every pc that I use (all chrome). I think the observation is that an open source company has gone kind of closed source on it's community interface in order to reinforce the brand - even if the closed source solution that you have developed yourself is 'worse' - so a knowledgebase compared to a wiki is like facebook co
  4. @yellowshark I guess if you did not really miss the old forum then the new forum is fine - but i used to check 3 or 4 times a day because there were amazing posts by people pushing the boundaries ....... that hardly happens now. I check once a day and I can't even find a "new since you last logged in", so I don't actually know if I see everything. I have been invovled in two breakaways - one from Autodesk for a piece of software called Revit - the forum is more active today than it ever was, has no hierarchy and I contribute $10 a year to the server. It is not pretty but it works http://www.r
  5. It is only bits and bytes - be as verbose as you want!
  6. Wow - Les, good to see you here - great choice of printer can't wait to see what you make with it! - Spideysense?
  7. Well, you may get to know some new interesting people this way ;)Plenty of them over here! I don't think we are over customizing it. One safety feature being if you don't want to customize it, leave it like it is. Just some basic things you can adjust, and we will clearly explain to you what these are and how to do it. Let us know what you think of the new design and UX on The Future post :)It will help us make the best decisions.. it will allow you to make decisions. @sandervg as long as I can have lists - oh, and lists of what has happened since my last visit Thanks, James
  8. Thank you! The '@' feature is only active when you press 'post comment'. In the text editor it is not active yet. As I can see, in your post, the @ is working just fine for you Have you also taken a look at 'the future'? Thanks @SanderVG ..... I guess I am used to the @ working to autocomplete so I know I have the right person before I post - but that may not be the intention so I might get into some interesting conversations when I spell things wrong (often) - had a quick look at "the future" - nice to see all the customisability but it leaves me needing to learn things so I tend to
  9. @SanderVG - some great improvements! the @ is not workong for me to post (as you can see) The 'latest' forum messages appears not to have latest "since last visit"? Thanks James
  10. hear your message, but I used to visit twice a day - now once a week to this thread only :( that makes it broken IMHO I think the emotion is because the forum is ike the window onto a glorious community - when you change the window then the aim would normally be more clarity - this one is SO foggy that we can't see where it is going, and some of the foggyness is in the glass, so a quick wipe won't cut it - at that point it is worth getting out to walk
  11. @daid I actually found your post refreshing and sometimes outbursts are needed in the face of apparently insurmountable issues. That you were heard is important. So I disagree that the messenger destroyed the message, but also agree with the reduction in temperature - but hopefully if you need to raise the temperature in the future you will
  12. As a long time user (according to my badge) I am LOST :(- I guess my most used feature was "messages since last visit" and that is gone :( So now I wander round like a lost soul - like in G+ where there are so many frills that the overwhelming feeling is confusion. It could well be that I am just too old and have been used to pure information of the old BBS and usenet channels, whereas youngsters are happy with the more social media feel - but it should be remembered that the youngsters were largely replied to by the old timers - though maybe that has changed? If there was a 'classic' bu
  13. I am super impressed. I'd love you to stick at it as FDM, though much derided has shown some real leaps - mainly driven by filament types. The chance to combine them is one of the holy grails that has eluded all but few manufacturers (lulzbot seem too have a good working model for ninjaflex and abs.) But your approach is a step change. - imagine different nozzle sizes - oooooooh!
  14. Also wires on the top of the print-head - I unscrewed the holder of the 'blue' led and pushed the leads in and then re-tightened. Intermittent as the head moves around. James
  15. Inventor has a plugin to convert stls to elements that you can use - is there one out there for solidworks?
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