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UM2 Marlin firmware fork with USB store and print of UltiGCode files

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Hi everyone,

i have created a fork of the UM2Marlin firmware on github.

The modifications i have done allows one to store and print "UltiGCode" files to the Ultimaker 2 over the USB port.

Maybe this is useful/interesting for someone...

The work is not fully done, the missing cleanup and documentation as usual - but it works.

It is based on the original Ultimaker2Marlin firmware 14.11-RC8.

There is a quick'dirty python commandline script to download and print UltiGCode files to the UM2, too.

Here is the link to the repository: https://github.com/ErwinRieger/Ultimaker2Marlin-USBPrint

Link to the documentation: https://github.com/ErwinRieger/Ultimaker2Marlin-USBPrint/wiki

Here is the download link: https://github.com/ErwinRieger/Ultimaker2Marlin-USBPrint/releases/tag/14.11-RC8-UP1

Regards, ERRI


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yes, in the first place it allows me to:


  • store UltiGCode printfiles on the SD for later manual print, or
  • download and "remote - print" a file immediately, or
  • start the print of a file on SD remotely,

without touching the SD card in the UM2. That a my current usage scenarios.

Other possible (future) uses are direct print over USB from Cura or wireless print with OctoPrint - if they were modified accordingly.


Regards, ERRI


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please note, that the "sending side" (cura, octoprint, printrun, doodle3d and so on) must be able to pass through the gcode comments that are part of a UltiGCode file.

Cura can't do this, and printrun strips theese comments :-( Don't know about octoprint or doodle3d...

If you want to start printing over USB, a new custom command "M623 <file>" has to be sent. None of the said tools know this command, yet. As far as i know, this should be easy to configure with octoprint.

That's the reason i hacked my own little utility for usb-download and -print: ultiprint.py.



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