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final adjustment

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Now finally finished the assembly:-) But got question making the final adjustment on the Z stop switch:

It says adjust the height of the z switch until hearing the "click", does it mean the height has to be exactly where it clicks? Or, after the switch clicks, it still should go up a little bit till the switch close fully?

Also, for the heated bed alignment, can I buy a horizontal lever and put it on the bed directly? won't this be easier and more accurate?



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Clicking is the switch closing. Any more movement up does nothing. So the height needs to be exactly where it clicks.

Not sure what you mean by the horizontal lever. The tab of the plywood cover on the bed pushes the top Z switch. If you mean you want the thing that pushes the level to be on the alu part of the bed, that would be OK. However, you shouldn't mount it to the glass portion as you using the thumbscrews for fine adjustment. If the thing that pushes the switch is also on the glass then you can't adjust the distance to the nozzle with the TSs because the distance from the glass to the switch will be fixed to be the length of the thing pushing on the switch. You would need to move the switch up and down which you can't do very precisely.

If you feel the plywood isn't accurate enough, don't buy a new lever. PRINT ONE! The base aluminum platform is unheated so you should be able to print a PLA "stick" that sits on the platform and comes out the top and does the same thing as the plywood tab does...


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