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How does Cura count layers?

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Again I have some things I do not really understand. When I slice the same model with or without raft I get the same number of layers with the "Layer view mode" in Cura. How is that possible?

If I use raft the first layer that I can see my model on is layer 5 with 38 as the last layer. If I use NO raft I can see my model is starting on layer 1 but still has 38 layers. The only difference in my setting is Raft, No raft. I guess there is a reason for this but I can not really see it.

A second thing is also strange, maybe some of you have noticed that the first layer becomes very thin when using raft but prints perfect with Brim or No Raft. If I look at the model above and select layer 5 that layer is full of gaps and Layer 6 is the first solid layer. If I change "Initial Layer Thickness" under Advanced I can see that the printing of this layer looks different in Cura, BUT... I thought that setting was only used in Raft-less printing because the Help text talks about how changing this value makes the model sticking better to the bed. But when using raft this value is doing something between raft and first layer if the model. My models always comes out with the first "skin" layer poorly bonded and additional layers looks great. Something is fishy :) With Initial layer Thickness 0 or 0,3 that layer is shown as semitransparent in Cura with lots of gaps.

I am using 14.12.1 but I feel I am missing something again.

Maybe some guru can shead light over this.


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Hi Daid-guru :)

Relationship problems.... understood. No problem!

Does this also have something to do with the super thin first skin layer? Or is that a known different issue? I really can not get the first layer of my models to print nicely when I use raft. They always come out with weak bonding regardless of my settings. This thin issue also happens in the first layer over support so it is not really only raft related.



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