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High pitch weird noise

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Posted · High pitch weird noise

Yesterday my printer started to do this sound. It's almost brand new, it's oiled and this sound doesn't repeat when I manually move the axis.


Anyone knows what's that high pitch squeaky sound?

I can't pinpoint the source, it's like it comes from within the hotend, not sure :S

The machine it's an UMO+ with only 20h of use, also it was sewing machine oiled when it arrived.

The only think I touched was the bowden, I have been printing with 1.75 (not now), and yesterday I went back to the original bowden and 2.85 white pla and then this sound started (edit: it started to sound loud but it did 'sound' a bit). Pryor this video, I had a print failed of 12h, the bowden did just 'blow' out of position. I did put everything back but the sound it's still there.

Btw I had this sound two days ago also when printing with 1.75 (other bowden and connection), so I'm really lost on 'what can that sound be?'...

Edit: The other think I touched on this machine it's that the wooden caps where not 'tight' and did became a bit woobly after a few hours printing, I asked Imakr (where I bough it and they assembled it) and they told me to tight them and I just did and they don't seem to wooble for now.


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