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Curated beauty shop for UM printers

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Posted · Curated beauty shop for UM printers


After almost a month reading the forums and checking the many addons that can be printed, installed, cut&pasted on the printer, I was wondering about this idea.

Maybe, just maybe, Ultimaker (the company) could do a Beauty Shop, with a curated selection of the top of the top modifications.

I mean.. Imagine you buy an Assembled UMO+ (like me) but you don't have time to put some 'angel ring led lights' or a full strips of leds so you can see what you are printing on the night.

This way, you could go to the Ultimaker Beauty Shop and buy a easy-totally-soldered-led ring, that you could place on your board. You know, like a 'pimp-my-ultimaker' shop. You could get fancy extra electronics that you would only need to print the image they point you to.

I know you can find the molex, do some soldering (I did it) but that takes time and I'm sure even when we love to have a machine that can be mod so much, sometimes I'm sure someone would love to just 'buy' and plug.

I'm sure there are other cool stuff that could be sold on a beauty-pimp-my-3d-printer shop. Maybe a full rasperi totally prepared so you can print via wifi, or a solution of wifi+camera doing auto shots and being uploaded to a personal gallery to follow up that long long prints (on high quality off, this is a really fast machine). Or maybe Sliding doors that one can put on the sides and make the printer more 'dust' protected.

There are toons of this solutions ready to be 'diy' by many great ultimakers, but, do you really have the time to get some wood laser cut, assemble the stuff, buy the screws, etc etc? Well I'm sure not everyone can spend hours tuning this beautiful printer.

So this is my idea. It would rock to have people that do solutions for other users, and that they could sell them to others. This way the guy that loves to do a diy can make a penny.

I bet Ultimaker don't have resources to do this atm, but probable we could have a forum where others offer their services and charge for the labor? Don't know.

What I do know it's that it would rock to go ultimaker and check on 'pimp-my-ultimaker' (not this name offff course) and get a led kit that I could just stick and plug... Or maybe that beautyfull heater block that some guy made for the UM2 that can use E3D nozzles...

Cheers =)


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Posted · Curated beauty shop for UM printers

I like the idea but i think it would be almost impossible for Ultimaker to sell officially such hacks for a two reasons mainly:

1. Most of the hacks are open source and Ultimaker doesn't have the philosophy to take hacks developped by the community and sell them (as some other company did :p)

2. Selling products also means doing the support and i do think they already have much to take care of.

Although maybe they could support some kind of marketplace for hacks or stuff kind of like a shapeway shop? Or something like that


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Posted · Curated beauty shop for UM printers

I would love a forum part with people offering their services to sell led kits, fan kits, side/front doors, modded power supply, etc etc etc. Ofc this opens the problem of people complaining to others of their products didn't work. If someone with skills offer their mounted solutions (or ready to mount) and they point to ebay then the problem of people getting angry to others might disappear since ebay has all the tools to follow up the sells/payments.

I just have the felling that there are too much that can be done, but unless you google for it you don't find it, a forum with different users doing stuff, would be really cool.


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