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Translations for Cura


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Posted · Translations for Cura

Hi Daid,

you are the developer of Cura, is that right? If yes: Do you plan translation for other languages?

I could help with the german one. No worry, my german is much better than my english! ;-)

(I am very good in reading/understanding english. Just my spelling and writing is bad..)

As i can see, there is not too much text, so this should be possible for one man..

Maybe this thread is a also a kickstarter for other peoples with other languages.



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    Posted · Translations for Cura

    I received a query about translating to Polish a while back.

    The problem with translations are 4 fold.

    * First it's updating all the software so support translations.

    * Secondly you need to translate all the texts to different languages.

    * Thirdly you need to update the GUI so all translations fit on the GUI (shouldn't be a huge problem in Cura)

    * Lastly you need to maintain all translations on updates.

    The first and third points are not that hard. The 2nd step can be a community effort, but it's the 4th point that makes me holding back on this. Maintaining the translations is a hard job, especially when I change things, suddenly you could end up with out-of-sync translations or missing translations for new parts.

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    Posted · Translations for Cura

    Ok, i understand..

    So the text in Cura is hard-coded and not in an extern textfile? Such file would make it easy for the translators (and you) - at any update you send the textfile (via email) to them and they could translate the new/changed words in a few minutes and send it back. It is clear that you have to change some things in your code, but once done, you never have that problems (you mentioned) again.

    I also know the scaling-problem in such software. But in the future you could make it scaling automatically with the text-lengths.. Or one could assure that the text-lengths fit in or just have (nearly) the same length as the english ones.

    You also dont have to translate in that many language, my thought was just to help the german community, especially newcomers or people without english knowledge.

    ..i hope my english here is not too bad!

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    Posted · Translations for Cura

    First, your English is fine. It's better then some Americans.

    All the text is hard coded. But with gettext you just need to wrap those text strings into a _() call. Not that hard, but you have to go trough all the code.

    As for the scaling, almost all the GUI's scale already with layout managers. So I don't think there will be many problems there. But you still have to check everything.

    But, IMHO. It's not worth the effort right now. Everything related to 3D printers is in English already (or should be!)

    (FYI: I'm native Dutch. And it's rare to find a Dutch person that cannot understand English. Maybe it has something to do with that we don't dub movies)

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    Posted · Translations for Cura

    If this comes up again, I'll translate (and maintain!) a Swedish version. In the meantime though, I wouldn't prioritize it (but that's easy for me to say though, as I'm quite fluent in English...)

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