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relationship between cura print speed, layer thickness and nozzle diamter

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Dear All,

I am new in cura ultimaker 2 software. I was wondering if any one could give me further details about how and on basis of what formula cura is calculating the printing speed and consequent print volume (mm^3/s).

I can see that by changing the layer thickness and nozzle diameter the print speed changes but i am after the formula that the softeare uses to correlate these together.

I do appreciate your taking time to read my message

Kind Regards



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Hi Cura does not calculate the print speed, you tell it what speed to use. OK I will stop there a sec. If you are using an "eazy" setting or whatever they are called, I have never used one, and you select "fast" I am assuming Cura uses a pre-set speed - maybe I am wrong and it does calculate.

But if you are setting the settings yourself with the basic and advanced tabs and the expert settings then the principle is as follows. You select your layer height and print speed and from this Cura calculates the volume of plastic per second (or whatever the time period is) to be extruded. What you also have to do is set the extruder temp. to ensure that for that given volume, the filament is molten/viscous enough to be able to be pushed through the nozzle. If it is not you will get under-extrusion. So you can see there is a relationship between layer height, print speed and extruder temp. You learn this by experience and by asking the Forum when it goes wrong! Some filaments can cope with a reasonable margin of error, say 10c+, some are quite sensitive and you need to get close. Also to get excellent results you need to get close too; a couple of degrees either way is probably OK but a 5 degree error could affect quality.


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Dear yellow shark,

thanks alot for your info. I am using ultimark 2 , I don't where to set the temprature in cura, do you know where to set the temprature?

As far as I kknow you set the temprature on the machine itself and if so, then how can that relation between layer height, print speed and extruder temp can exsit. I mean yes you are right there should be such relation but what would be that? is there any refrence say for ABS material?

thanks alot for your answer


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Hi, "As far as I know you set the temprature on the machine itself" - well it does not matter how you set it, you are setting it and the relationship exists irrespective of whether you set it via Cura or the printer, or Cura sets it without your input. I am not familiar with the UM interface but somewhere it is possible for you to load Cura so that you can see and set the settings; you will see this.

Capture 2


As you will see the print temp. is set on the basic tab, along with the layer height and the extruder temp.


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