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under extrusion

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the hi ive got a new u2. Prints are almost random, few work and feel dont. print starts off well but randomly starts to degrade. If I'm lucky enough the pprints gets back to normal on its own or 5else theres nothing else coming out of the nozzle. my nozzle isnt jammed. Im printing at 230c at 0.15 thickness and 50mm/s speed. I believe the problem is from the feeder. What can I do about it??

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Please post a picture.


Im printing at 230c at 0.15 thickness and 50mm/s speed


This is a reasonable speed but I recommend you don't go any colder or faster than this. I can print this fast for the first 2/3 of the spool of filament but not for the last 1/3 as the curvature is too strong.

There are many many possible causes of underextrusion on UM2 (about 20 possibilities). Having a picture would help. The first thing I recommend is to move the filament to the floor such that the angle as it enters the feeder is better. Consider printing a bit hotter or slower if it underextrudes as a temporary solution. It could be the Isolator. Or many other things. There's ways to test each possibility but start with posting a picture and using google to search this forum for "underextrusion".


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