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  1. Version 1.0


    A new toy for my son, Great Design btw.
  2. wombl1

    Mini owl

    Version 1.0


    Printed with a 0.2 mm Nozzle
  3. Hi cloakfiend, Thanks for this Short manual .... Realy appreciate that you spend so much Time .... It made me rethink my glue Stick usage .... Currently i Think i use much more glue Stick them Needed
  4. Hi cloakfiend, Could you Tell me the temperature you use for your heated bed ?
  5. Hi Ataraxis, Seems to be correct ..... Just had 5 Minutes left so it was more a quick glance to the important facts ... One more hint .... During measuring oder the reference Voltage i found it easier to pick a Grund pin from the electronics Board .... In the lower left corner is a ground hole .... You will See it when you try to measure it
  6. Hey Ataraxis, Thanks for this .... I was thinking about this myself .... But my Garden fence is currently my project with the top Priority
  7. So .. my print failed ... but not due to the StepperDrivers .... My electronics cable was not fixed to the hot end .... so the Thermocouple cable got lifted .... wish Marlin was implemented with a PauseOnError Logic, and not with a StopOnError Logic Here is the promised picture ... in the upper left corner is still the pololu driver for the Z-Stage, all other stepper drivers are SilentStepSticks ..... The CFG Resistor is on the bottom side of the drivers but you can see the cable connection and the jumpers Enjoy
  8. Hi Zumfab, Each stepper driver costs 10 € .... The Most Important ones are x and y .... I exchanged the extruder too, but this one is still quite loud during retraction.... So ... You reduce Noise a lot if you spend 20 € ....
  9. Maybe just a short update without pictures : https://github.com/watterott/SilentStepStick Here you can find the schematics with guide ... i think there is only one mode useful and this is a 16 usteps to 256 usteps Interpolation in the spreadcycle mode. This can be reached through CFG2 open ( desolder the resistor ) and CFG1 set to GND ( Low ) ... The original steppers are configured to ( High, High, High ) for all motors for 1/16 Steps except the Z-Stage, the Z-Stage is configured to ( High, High, Low ) for 1/8 usteps ...... That means if you remove the Jumper from MS1 .. MS1 and therefo
  10. And the best thing is, it is so easy ..... You just have to desolder the CFG2 resistor from the SilentSticks, Lift the Jumper from MS1 and replace the driver ....at least this Works for all Drivers except the z-Stage .... The Z-Stage uses 1/8 Steps ... this is not supported from the SilentStepSticks .. The Last thing you have to do is to xxchange the Motor cables .... there are two twisted pairs ..... Upper and Lower ... Just remove the pairs from the connector and Exchange the pairs ... Now everything should work ... Just more Silent
  11. Hi, just finished the newest upgrade of my Ultimaker, changed from Pololu to Watterott SilentStepSticks .... i think it is really worth it
  12. Hi Emilio, just received my batch of a Colorfabb order a week ago. The first i tried out was Chocolate Brown and it was not sticking like i was used with the Ultimaker filament. The current setup i am using for my Ultimaker 1 with heated bed : 215C for Extruder 70C for the Heated bed until a height of 1 mm then switch to 50C for the heated Bed and use the glue stick Yesterday i printed a chair for my daughters doll house and i nearly couldn't remove it from the heated bed !!!! So i am still searching for the perfect Tradeoff Stickiness vs Removability .... but currently i am happ
  13. Great !!! Thanks a lot for the fast answer
  14. Hi, does anybody know where the outline feature disappeared ? I could really use it, but i can not find it in the release ... not even in the release notes .... nowhere .... Maybe someone can help ... Kind regards, Robert
  15. Hi Thereza, another indication for me that you are using Marlin is the giant Blob at the beginning ... With netfabb and marlin you have to use another GCode header, you have to put 'M92 E14' at the beginning of your GCode ... look here viewtopic.php?f=15&t=301 for more explanations
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