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  1. Yeah, there are definitely better belts out there. Not my field of expertise. Anyone have a link to a good website or webinar or something similar where I can learn more about the differences?
  2. I know I am not willing to give up the speed. I'm still in the process of tuning mine up and making improvements. I have Bertho's ball bearing pressure plate upgrade and have turned my speed up to 100mm/sec. It flies! Had some of OlyMEGA over last weekend, they are all familiar with the Prusa Mendel machines and were very impressed with the Ultimaker's speed. At some point I am going to make this mod, too, and get rid of the short belts. I can hear a ticking sound in the rear left top corner, I think it might be the short belt riding up on the gear pulley teeth and snapping back down.
  3. Ah! Yes, that is precisely the problem. You may have been looking at Acme thread, also, not ballscrews. Usually just the nut for a ballscrew is $35 or more.
  4. For speed, low pitch is better. A two-start 5tpi would be better than a 12tpi single-start, or worse allthread at 18 or 24tpi. Right now, a single revolution of the stepper moves it, what, a few inches? I don't have my Ultimaker in front of me so I can't measure diameter/circumference. So already a 5tpi ballscrew would require the stepper to move 5 to 10 times as fast for the same speed. Might have to upgrade the steppers, drivers, and power supply for that. Ballscrews are spendy... $35 is pretty cheap for that length of ballscrew and nut.
  5. We could replace the long belts with something less stretchy. There are higher quality toothed belts with less give, I'm just not sure where to find them. Ballscrews or acme thread could replace the long belts, but it would take two for each axis. It would change things a bit in terms of the driver PCB, although it could be done as an add-on. I think it would be a rather significant change. Speed is an issue, so I don't see hardware store allthread being a solution, however I've not run the math.
  6. Regarding reversing the stepper - swap the wires between the A and B drive coils, it runs backwards. Or just reverse the two wires of one of the drive coils. Again, it reverses. http://www.nmbtc.com/step-motors/engine ... uence.html I see someone found that their RepRap feeder motor reversed just by reversing the plug. A bit risky if you don't check and confirm the wiring first. http://www.nmbtc.com/step-motors/engine ... uence.html
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