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  1. I am running Cura 3.6 and it says that under material should be the Build Plate Temperature but I can't see it to change. It is checked in the Setting Visibility window but when you hover over it a window says it's hidden and why, but I don't know what it means. Any clarity would be appreciated. Oh and I know I can do it right on the UM2E+. See screen shots for message.
  2. Hey Tvb1996 did the profile work for the UM2E+ ? I just came across this thread after playing unsuccessfully for the last year.
  3. @ultiarjan Thank you for the info. I will do the change over as soon as i secure an order using the XStrand material. Thank again. Dom
  4. Can XStrand be used with the Ultimaker 2+ ? What if any mods are necessary?
  5. Can some tell me what parts of the extrusion head is a consumable (needs replacing other than the nozzle? Does it have a peek isolator, ptfe coupler, hot end isolator, or hot end isolator coupler?
  6. Thanks for the info. it is greatly appreciated.
  7. Sweet weekend reading material. Thanks...
  8. Hello, As my topic states I am new to 3D printing, but I am not new to 3D CAD. I have been designing in Pro E and Solidworks for years. As a mechanical engineer I can't wait to order one of these puppies. It seems top me that the Ultimaker is the best for what I want to do, which I can't say right now. but bere I pull the trigger I thought that maybe I could get some insight to the following: For a single pc model: 1. I design something in solidworks, what do I have to learn to make a 3D print? 2. I want to work with ABS and read about the need for a heated bed plate. Does the heat get controlled by an external source and is it controlled by the machine or by the operator? 3. If I want to build an assembly doe it have to be done in pcs and then assembled? 4. What software is needed, if any, to add suppot webing to a model? 5. Can I switch colors in the middle of a print by stopping/ pausing it and switching to continue? 6. Finally, although I'll think of more, if I wanted to scan say my hand then print it, what is the best way? Any and all responses are welcome. Domenick
  9. Sorry to sound nieve but what and how do you "PM"?
  10. Hi I typed to fast for my own good and mistyped my user name. Can it be changed to domenick_s and not doemnick_s ? :roll:
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