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  1. I really like the snake speed for half layer outer and inner 1, yes it is slower, but it makes such a difference...

    and also, most of the time I give a little twist extra on the z-screw at the start, just a little notch to the left.

  2. @ robert: yes, it is 4.9 (for mac)

    @ Antiklesys: the screenshot is posted earlier.

    the only thing I could think of that affects 'comb' is the seam type....

    but it sure makes a difference compared to 4.8

  3. almost nothing...

    on the top only some very thin threads

    In the drawing I put some support underneath that had to be removed.

    The little discs on the corners are to prevent it from curling up,

    a tip I read in an earlier post.... :D


  4. @ thereza

    here are the material settings:


    Strange that your amount of plastic is way out..

    This must be a combination of firmware and specific settings, I guess...

    why else would it work for one and not for the other?

    the thing that did it for me was the M92 E14,

    before my prints looked like yours in the first picture...

    and the upgrade to a better marlin:


    at the bottom of the page the explanation how to install, with the Arduino software

    Cura is too difficult (for me anyway..) to install on a mac.

    I like netfabb as a slicer, the best setting with an amazing result, I found was to change the settings (standard) for the layer type Outer and Inner1.

    Set both to every half layer with speed snake.

    that is probably close to the ultra settings, but if you use another quality, set both to: every half layer.

    the difference was huge!


    Now I hope that someone else can reproduce this!


  5. After some struggling with the original software, I upgraded to the Erik Zalm Marlin, that uses 250 000 baud, so I changed that in Netfabb. I use Pronterface to print the gcode created in Netfabb.

    The rest of the settings are in the picture: standard material, standard buildstyle.

    In this case no post processing was needed, no strings/jumps.

  6. 5a330c967d950_JonathanBrand3DPrintedMotorcycle5.thumb.jpg.29fa61532fe9c8b7b2caf3e706c67126.jpg

    to avoid the jumping and stringing there is the choice of the seam type in the build style editor: seam near origin or randomized seam.

    With the randomized seam it jumps all over, seam near origin runs in circles, but leaves a little scar of the z-jump.

    Try the standard style first, that works fine and detailed, the other settings didn't work for me too.

    Make sure you have M92 E14 in the start code.

    and in the raft tab, choose outline, that helps the flow of the PLA at the start.

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