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  1. Om 20 u 15. http://www.hcc-vl.be/d001/content/3d-printen
  2. Is the best way to save a profile (ini) file and to copy from there ? Or should it be a feature in Cura ? nozzle_size = 0.4 layer_height = 0.2 wall_thickness = 0.8 retraction_enable = False solid_layer_thickness = 0.6 fill_density = 20 skirt_line_count = 2 skirt_gap = 3.0 print_speed = 20 print_temperature = 230 support = None enable_raft = False filament_density = 1.00 retraction_min_travel = 5.0 retraction_speed = 40.0 retraction_amount = 4.5 retraction_extra = 0.0 travel_speed = 150 max_z_speed = 3.0 bottom_layer_speed = 20 cool_min_layer_time = 10 fan_enabled = True
  3. Why cannot you connect the heated bed to the um ? http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Heated_Bed
  4. If I understand you well, // M140 - Set bed target temp as end g-code does not work because it does not control your heated bed. So the question is : - can I connect the ulticontroller to my heated bed - can I make a connection in series between the two "switches". To cool down quickly, you could use // M106 - Fan on // G4 - Dwell S or P // M107 - Fan of I am just guessing.
  5. Does this mean that Daid's Marlin builder does not work anymore ?
  6. My port is COM43. My email is philippeLaatditwegCasteleyn@hotmail.com The children of Flanders will be grateful.
  7. Would that not be a job for graphicall.org ?
  8. I am not capable of compiling Doodle3D nor to install OpenFrameworks. Does anyone have a Windows 7 32 bit compiled executable for me ? https://github.com/Doodle3D/Doodle3D
  9. You might consider another technology than extrusion. Maybe if you are a popular person in some technical circles, you might recuperate a bit of the money. Or if you live in a tourist area.
  10. Well, that will keep me busy for a while
  11. I have not found yet a paper about Ultimaker. I mean : - a study of the mechanics with a lot of sinuses and cosinuses. - about the stiffness of the frame - the electronics and the programming - thermodynamics
  12. It was taken some minutes after the printing. I don't remember well. Next ? time I might try a thermal video. A couple of second of printing and of cooling. What size and format does this forum allow ? Or, if there is a majority vote, I could delete this thread and forget the Whole thing.
  13. Omdat de zaal dan toch niet beschikbaar is, wordt de datum vrijdag terrathree nadazero november.
  14. I don't have easy access to the IR camera. Could I do it right ? With black stickers ? I cannot zoom in in IRSoft, or am I wrong again ? And Robert, how do you know that the temperature is 40 degrees ?
  15. I am trying to show that people comment without reading everything.
  16. I don't like to fight forum policy, but here it is.
  17. Not in IRSoft and not in Windows Photo Viewer.
  18. Just for fun. I did not adjust the emissivity. The PEEK is not hotter thAn the brass. Sorry, I cannot do it, the extension bmt is not allowed.
  19. Beste allemaal Vrijdag 30 november 2012 wordt een hele speciale bijeenkomst want Philippe Casteleyn komt zijn 3D printer demonstreren. We kennen Phillippe nog van zijn vorige lezing over Blender, Arduino en 3D laten printen. Nu is hij een stap verder want als alles mee zit, wordt er ter plekke geprint. Zoals u kan lezen in zijn aankondiging, is die avond veel, heel veel mogelijk. Geen idee hoeveel mensen er binnen mogen in 't zaaltje van 't Hof Van Rieth https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Cafe+Hof+Van+Rieth%2c+Molenlei+68%2c+Mortsel%2c+Belgi%C3%AB&hl=nl&ie=UTF8&sll=37.0625%2c-95.6
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