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  1. You can plug the Ultimaker to your computer using the USB cable, run Cura, press the print button and in the print window, on the rightmost tab you get a console. Type any gcode on the lower box and press enter to send the instruction to the printer. Use "M106 S255" to turn the fan completely on, and "M106 S0" to turn it completely off. If you are using a tester, you should either turn it completely on or off, but nothing in between, as it will mess up the readings. For other codes, look at http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code
  2. I am thinking about the other end of the complexity scale. I want a redesigned print carriage that has the option to take away the Bowden tube and put the filament feeder right above the nozzle. I know it will print much slower in order not to break the printer, but it will allow to print very soft materials such as FilaFlex. The project can be completed by a single person in less than a week. But the thing is I don't have the time to do it. And there are other people willing to design something looking for ideas. So I should be able post the idea easily (without a very complex setup), upload some sketches and tell the designers with spare time. For the latter, the idea could be posted together with other designs in the "3D printer parts and upgrades" (and could be filtered out), or each category could have a subcategory simply called "ideas" or "related ideas". When browising a design, a list of pending ideas in the same category and/or realated tags could be shown on the side. And finally, every designer could opt in on the categories she/he wants to be told when a new idea is uploaded (posting the first design in a category could ask if you want to monitor that category for new ideas). Tempting the designers is another matter. They could earn a star for completing/assisting the idea of another designer, and only one per other designer, so that you earn fame if you asist different people, and not the same people over and over. The status of the idea could be changed from Open to Assigned with a deadline, so that other designers don't do the same work. Or there could be a record showing the different teams currently attempting the idea with an estimated deadline. The finished idea (now design) could have credits by type: Original Idea, design, prototype testing, materials contribution, financial support. The original idea may create more than one design (if many independent teams finish it), so I think it's better to keep ideas and designs as separate entities and link them as needed.
  3. In the new design page: Add design subcategories such as (for 3Dprinter parts and upgrades): printer, feeder, extruder, axis alignment, filament holder, hot bed, fan shroud, tools, other. Add a community-based way of changing the categories/tags of current designs, such as voting for changes. suggest tags (per category) so that if you select "3Dprinter parts and upgrades" you would see some buttons showing the most common tags, such as: Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2, Prusa, etc. Add a link to the definition of the different licenses next to the selection box.
  4. As thing are now, there are too many designs in "3D printer parts and upgrades" that are anything but. And I guess it's because that category is the default and some people might just not change it. Oh, and some sort of moderation for categories and especially tags (I have seen tag spamming on Thingiverse) would be very welcome too.
  5. New standards are not adopted if they are not somehow enforced. The site could suggest to add both STL and AMF files. If only STL files are uploaded, the site could automatically generate AMF files, so that these are also available for download. The visitors would see AMF files and start to use them too! Regarding the lack of print settings, a text file with the design's information/instructions could be automatically added to the zip file for downlad (or even also to the documents list).
  6. Very nice site! here goes my 2 cents: Merge the experiences of looking for objects <-> generating/sharing ideas <-> solving ideas. So I suggest using only one type "Design/idea" that can have different Status (open, in development, prototype, finished...), Description, Instructions (for building), inspiration/ancestors (references to other designs and also text in bullet points, external links if you dare!), Suggested improvements/solutions (so that anyone can add and collaborators also edit them), files, Comments. When pressing "Add new design" if you were already viewing a design suggest to add it as an ancestor. Add privacy options. This has nothing to do with Mr. Bowden (or was it Snowden? ). Trust is very important. You should get only the minimum information and delete it if asked to do so. Add Ability to hide from the designers list. So that your published designs show your name but your profile is not accessible. Ability to DELETE THE ACCOUNT, including all personal information. Again, the designs will still be there (as they are CC or GPL) giving you the credit but your profile will not. [*]Add Terms and conditions. I know It's a work in progress... and please don't get yourselves an unrestricted license of our objects. [*]About the sketching program, make sure you keep openSCAD import/export available. [*]When adding documents to the design, add a reminder suggesting to use a file version that is the most backwards compatible as possible. For instance, instead of uploading a Solidworks 2013 file, the designer could save in Solidowrks 2010 format if no newer features are used. This makes the creations more accessible! [*]Add an "Ask to print me one" button to each design page. This expands the community to the majority of the people without 3D printers! "Client" would input geographic position of deilvery (country, state/province, city), deadline, suggested $$, and extra comments such as printer technology needed, material, resolution, colors, etc. Only the users who opted-in as "providers", have the corresponding printer capabilities and are close to the client will get a message so that they can contact the client. Clients should be able to see the number of registered providers in their city, state/province and country, so that if there is no one in their city they could ask offer more money to people further away from them.
  7. Problem solved!! It was a factory problem. The ressistor R20 had a bad solder point. I would post the picture, but I don't know how to attach a picture. Thank you Gr5! Thanks to you I could rule out the transistor and then reach R20. And BTW, pin 8 in the schematic is actually pin 7 in the Arduino and the UM board. I guess it's a typo in the 1.5.7 schematic. Edit; Here it is!
  8. These are my results: (the usb cable is alway disconnected. Only the power cable is plugged in) [*]With the fan connected but turned off, I measured 19V at the power supply plug, PWM1 and PWM2, then 0V at ground (bottom in the picture) and unexpectedly -1.8V at the base.[*]With the fan turned on (at 255) using the ulticontroller, there are no voltage changes. [*]Disconnecting the fan lowers PWM1 to +2V, but the base is still at -1.8V. [*]With the board power switch turned off (the rocker switch), I measured 0.03V at PWM2 (=VCC2), 0V at PWM1 and ground, but still -1.4V at the base. Unplugging the power cable increases the base to -0.05V, but is restored to -1.4V when the cable is plugged in again (and the switch is still off). Then I measured the pins at the top of the picture (7, 6, 5...) with the rocker switch turned on. They all were at 0V, except for 6 which was at 5V. Any clues to what is wrong? Is it the Arduino? Thank you in advance
  9. Great insight Illuminati! I had that problem many times, and could only diminish it by increasing the infill percentage, so that the gaps were shorter. Now I realize why so many people use bigger/more cooling fans.
  10. That was a fast response. Thank you very much Gr5! My board is version 1.5.7, but comparing both schematics there doesn't seem to be any differences in that area. So the new transistor is ok. And yes, I had Q4 replaced. As soon as the current print job is finished I will start testing again, and report back.
  11. Hi everyone, as the title says, the printhead fan suddenly stopped working. I tested the fan with a second power source and is ok, as well as the blue/violet cable that connects it to the board. I measured 0 volts at the board pins (where the blue/violet cable is plugged), even after turning the fan on with the ulticontroller or sending "M106 S255" commands. This problem persists after updating the firmware to the one released with Cura 13.06.4. I feared I pressed the lid too tight and broke the BD679 transistor. So I had a guy check it and he said it was "open" and changed it for the most similar he could find, a BD683 which has a CE voltaje of 120V instead of 80V. But the board pins still have no voltage, and he charged me for that, of course! So I have a few questions: [*]Is it really ok to use that other transistor? [*]How can I check that the original transistor is broken using only a digital multimeter? [*]Which pin is the collector and which is the emitter? (I guess the one in the middle is the base) I measured 19V between the external pins in the transistor, when the fan was turned on and also when it was turned off using M106 command. And around 0.2V between the external pins and the one in the middle. But I don't know what to measure and where, as I have no knowledge in electronics (only what I could understad from the Wikpedia). I don't even know how is that transistor supposed to work (is it used to reduce the voltage or as a switch?). The problem could even be in the Arduino. So: [*]What should change when the fan is turned on? [*]Or more generally, how can I better diagnose what's wrong? Thank you in advance. PD: I had problems with the fan not working when I first got the printer, but it somehow started working, until now.
  12. As Ultimaking suggests using Thingiverse as repository I wanted to share the concern of some core developers in the RepRap community. Joseph Prusa even took all his obects and left Thingiverse. He left a notice. The site license (as of today) says: Their description in "plain English": The people argue that Thingiverse can do whatever it wants with your stuff, regardless of the license you selected. Even selling your designs and incorporating them in other projects with other licenses (things that the CC does not allow). See this thread: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,155484,155484 You can complain by makiing a cube and posting it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30808 I deleted all my desings and wanted to close the account, but unexpectedly, there is no way of doing that. So I contacted support. The other repositories I found are: [*]http://www.shapeking.com/[*]https://youmagine.net/ But are not very confident in their licenses either. What do you think about this? Should we move to other repositories? Especially now that Stratasys has bought Makerbot and Thingiverse.
  13. You are asking the company to disclose delicate information. I know you are well intended, but don't expect a direct answer. Two! I'm from Argentina and I know there is at least another one here.
  14. Come on guys! They bought the future ebay for half a billion. We have seen it in the 90s: in the web, the first leading portal takes all.
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