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  1. Okay thanks, yeah the only downside is maybe the looks and knocking the motors around if I move it, neither of which I care about. With that said, I think I will proceed with the original build then make the mods once I am comfortable with how the printer is supposed to work. The rods for the 8mm axis aren't that expensive for me so nothing really lost there. I would like to see your pics though Cora. I like the idea of mounting on the back.
  2. I already have the laser cut parts. I am using laser cut parts from a place here in the states but just curious if I should make this mod or is it going to cause a new person any headaches by doing so? I can't see a down side to doing it myself that is why I am asking.
  3. I am not sure if you all have seen my build thread, but I am just now assembling an Ulti from scratch and sourcing all the parts myself. Would this mod be a good idea for someone like me that is so new with the build and functioning of the Ulti? My shafts are long enough, as I am going to have to cut them anyway. All I will have to purchase extra is the couplers but I won't have to purchase the pulleys or the short belts. What do you all think?
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