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  1. Have you tried http://fusion360.autodesk.com/about? It's supposed to be free for non commercial use. I found it much easier than SolidWords, and it's free!
  2. This looks promising. I knew it was possible to create/design something like that, but I've no electronics knowledge to do it myself. I also wanted to put some led strips in my UM1, but like the cooling fan, the 24v version is harder to find.
  3. So... the question about how to power the small fan it's not so clear. How about buying a 24v fan? I found these options on eBay that appear to be equivalent to the one supplied by E3D: - http://www.ebay.com/itm/24V-30mm-x-30mm-x-10mm-3010-DC-Brushless-Cooling-Fan-2-pin-2-0-Connector-3010S-/261236536401?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd2e93451 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pcs-Brushless-DC-Cooling-Fan-Blower-2-wires-24V-Fans-30-x-30X-10mm-/161162234835?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2586048bd3 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-pcs-Brushless-DC-Cooling-Fan-24V-3010S-5-Blades-30x30x10mm-Sleeve-bearing-2pin-/360692297074?pt=US_Computer_Case_Fans&hash=item53faefad72 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-pcs-Brushless-DC-Cooling-Fan-5-Blade-24V-30x30x10mm-3010S-2Wire-/231014211992?pt=US_CPU_Fans_Heatsinks&hash=item35c9852198 - http://www.ebay.com/itm/1PCS-2-pin-DC-24V-Fans-30-x-30-x-10mm-24V-DC-Brushless-Cooling-5-Blade-Fan-3010S-/221360667540?pt=US_Security_Cameras&hash=item338a1fbb94 If I use a 24v fan can I just wire it to the 19v screw terminals? These terminals are always on?
  4. I plan to buy the full v6 kit but I'll probably use the UM block + TC. But I'm still have no idea how to plug the power for the small hotend fan. Do I connect it directly to the screw terminal on the PCB? But for what I could gather around here, this is 19v straight from the power supply, and the fan is 12v, it doesn't look right. What are the options?
  5. Well, I'm watching a Ulimaker 2 printing right now: https://www.igo3d.com/blog/ultimaker-2-3d-printer-reveal-live-igo3d1/ The new print head looks really nice!
  6. When will the Live Stream go, err... Live? I found different times listed at different places, and if my conversions considering the DST are right, they are NOT equivalent: 5pm New York time - (https://www.ultimaker.com/b/news/2013/09/19/live-stream-official-release-ultimaker-2) EST: 20-09-2013 - 7:00 PM - (https://www.ultimaker.com/p/company/press-kit) 20.Sep.2013, 20:00 CET - (https://www.igo3d.com/blog/ultimaker-2-3d-printer-reveal-live-igo3d1/)
  7. Daid, I think found a bug: the "Enable retraction" checkbox is not woking (at least on a Mac), I'm using your last dmg: 13.05.1 It don't matter if it's checked or not, the gcode created is the same.
  8. Hey, thanks Paul and gr5. I examined the bed and it was indeed bowed. But I only flipped it over, since the other side is much better. This fixed the issue, but now I suppose I have to check my belts, it looks like I have a bad case of backlash:
  9. I finished levelling the bed, and corners seen ok, but then I printed a test and got this: The perimeters of the bed seen ok, but the middle of the bed is way too close, and the nozzle is blocked, unable to deposit plastic. This creates pressure on the nozzle, and when the head moves away from the middle you can see overextrusion. What could cause this? My guess is that somehow my axes are bowed in the middle. But is it the 6mm axes that support the print head? Or is it the XY axes?
  10. Daid, I'm trying to build Cura from source. Until version 13.04 it works fine, but when I to build from the "SteamEngine" branch, the resulting Cura.app is not slicing. I'm on Mac, and to build I use "./package.sh darwin" I'm missing something?
  11. It's the new name for Inventor Fusion, currently in beta, you can signin for free here: https://beta.autodesk.com mgg942 got the correct link (thanks!): http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?id=20884205&siteID=123112 I used it just a little so far, but I think it's a worth upgrade over Inventor Fusion, easier to use and with more powerful tools. But they store your files on the cloud, and for now it's a bit slow when you have to browse projects / designs, but at least the actual software is fast, probably faster than the older version. The option to export to STL is a bit hidden, but there is a nice video explaining it: And the great news is that it will be free to use for hobbyist! (I confirmed this info on Fusion's forum.)
  12. Thanks illuminarti, I've forgotten about painting! But my wife and I finished painting last night, and we are now ready to star assembling Saturday morning (if I can resist starting tonight :grin: )
  13. I just received my Ultimaker kit + UltiController from DHL. It was faster than what I expected, I ordered on the 8th, it was shipped on the 22th, and less than 48 hours later it's already at home. This is my second 3d printer, the first was the Solidoodle 2, and after learning a lot from it (and struggling even more with quality issues), I though it was time to a major upgrade. I intend to assembly it this weekend, and starting printing / calibrating before Monday. Now... some questions: - how to better use this forum Vs the google groups? I prefer to use a real forum like here, but is there some questions that are better to ask on the google groups? - What tools do you recommend while assembling? So far I have a power screwdriver with 2mm tip, a hex kit and some sandpaper. This question was just answered: - Last week I found the v4 instructions on the Wiki, but the v3 was still linked as the official. But Ultimaker updated the link on Friday, and the new instructions are valid for printers shipped from the 15th of April.
  14. Opa, agora sim! Minha Ultimaker deve chegar essa semana, pretendo montar no fim de semana. Como pelo jeito só tem eu de brasileiro, devo ficar mais no forum em inglês mesmo. []'s
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