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  1. tell me how to do this? Open terminal, and after what should I wrote to go cura directory, and what wrote to run executable.
  2. Did you use ABS or PLA? And really cool post-processing!
  3. executable unix file, if my translation is correct. Anyway I have the same problem with latest versions.
  4. Can you please explain procedure about getting hot bed working properly? What modification to z-stage? How correct connect to electronic, additional fun? Buy new power supply? Regards
  5. You said, rods were oiled. Pls advise what kind of oil did you use?
  6. Thanks for yours replies! Just printed my first model with 0.1 mm layer height, for me was big surprise about quality. Only some small retraction problem, believe it is possible to remove it. And my first big print, had some shift, quality not best, only 0.2 mm. Next time it is better to use 0.1 mm and less temperature.
  7. Hello everyone! I want to share with community my small experience and say some wishes to creators. Delivering was fast due to small distances. But custom formalities take more time. Received my ultimaker at 1500 of 13th June 2013, start built it, and finish at 0500 next morning, so it is 14 hours with coffee times, not bad, but not enough concentration in the end. First prints was not impressive, really. And I start calibrating my machine, that takes me about 9 days, that was big battle between me and machine, just like in terminator "humans vs machines". So I finish my calibration just few hours ago. That was big challenge, from one side it is really terrible, but from another side it is really good lesson to learn machine. Already I forget from where it started, but share conclusions. First it is that short belts should be really tight. Long ones also, but not so. I believe that creators can include some kind mechanics to improve tensions of long belts, something like that: Used only what had in kit already. Really not big deal. Second things, didn't find in wiki (many things out of date), and assemble instructions. Two wood measurement instruments with figures: Really great instrument to get good align of X/Y rods. Please explain this part in the assembly instruction, because I found what is it after 6 days. And third thing about slider blocks. Pressure of c caps pretty high, and after some time, it is possible that wood can be broken. As decision it is put some super glue between wood parts, glue will keep it in position. For all this time I used single cross to check accuracy my ultimaker. From top left to bottom right you can observe progress. Problem that infill and border had gaps, problem solver was to increase tension for belts. Especially for short ones. As result my good print: That's all! Have a nice day!
  8. Thanks for reply. I still use 13.04, cause I had it installed before. Today I saw version 13.06.3, but problem that starting cura, have message we have new version. Download it, install it, start and I see again asking for downloading new version, because version in file, which downloaded as 13.06.3 really is 13.06.2.
  9. Had before version 13.04. Deleted it first, removing from application folder. After install version 13.06.2. Uploaded model, print button remain gray, no any bar showing the process of slicing. After 10 minutes, still gray, no any possibilities to press button. Issue like a problem to GitHub, copy there
  10. I already got answer from support. It is 10 kg and kit 40x40x30 cm. Thanks a lot for so quick answer!
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