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  1. alex-marakesch

    my first steps. the wonderful world of 3D printing

    I saw your blog, u are cool man
  2. alex-marakesch

    Building from scratch!

    It is open source drawings. In every city u have fabshop to order panels.
  3. alex-marakesch

    Heated bed problem

    Good day! Recently I purchase such kit http://www.ebay.com/itm/151272164070?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I used it approximately 5-6 hours, and on another print, I found that bed temperature start to fall. Stopped and found that on relay module have problem, you can see it on picture. Bed temperature was 120 C. It is due to high temperature or maybe could be another deal? Thanks in advance!
  4. alex-marakesch

    Heated bed for the Ultimaker 1

    Till guys will release heated bed, already install one by myself, hope official will be nice+)
  5. alex-marakesch

    Printing small Yoda bust

    Cura ignore it because it is less than 0.4 mm thick. If you increase it by yourself in model, it will be printable.
  6. alex-marakesch

    your most useful tool?

  7. alex-marakesch

    Something old.. something new, sequel.

    Actually that is what I have achieved, but it is not like press button and go. But that need only some small correction in cura and that's all. For me it is progress.
  8. alex-marakesch

    Prints stop randomly

    Ulticontroller is preferable option. If I have a long print, printing window freeze after 2-3 hours, and no any possibilities to change settings, but still printing, finish print and I should shutting down window by force. But with previous version of cura, no any such incident happened.
  9. alex-marakesch

    Prints stop randomly

    Not every print, but with latest version, it happens few times with me.
  10. alex-marakesch

    Print for others

    Already fixed+)
  11. alex-marakesch

    Print for others

    Good day! I have a problem! I try to reset my password, receive e-mail with link to reset. But when I go there, it's error there=(
  12. Some kit with heated bed really nice option, sure I'm looking to buy it.
  13. alex-marakesch

    Not an Adult Toy Print

    Tension lead to shift of borders, not touching fill with borders etc. Like this case, pretty sure deal is with soft.
  14. alex-marakesch

    Not an Adult Toy Print

    Suppose it is software problem, in new cura there is option about fill and borders, so put there 0% and this line should disappear.
  15. alex-marakesch

    substitute for blue tape

    I use something the same, but only by one layer.

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