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  1. We made isolators. I would favor a one piece solution but washers could be a workaround...
  2. Hi guys, just to give you an update: In the last months we did some tests with spacers made of Torlon (5030 and 4301) and Vespel (SP-3). None of them works properly with PLA. The nozzle is jammed within one or two hours. I would love to try Duratron as material, as glloq seemed pretty happy with his version (http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/7024-teflon-spacer-replacement/page-7&do=findComment&comment=77693). Does anyone have a source for Duratron? Sebastian
  3. Ich bin auf der Suche nach Torlon (5030) oder VESPEL als Rundstab mit 11 bzw. 11,1mm Durchmesser. Kennt jemand eine Bezugsquelle in Deutschland? Es geht um Ersatz für den PFTE Isolator im Ultimaker2... Sebastian
  4. Hi guys, just uploaded the feeder version that we are using on multiple UM2 here to YouMagine: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/yet-another-ultimaker-2-feeder Basically, this is a combination of Roberts and Geeks feeder. Pretty happy with that one! Sebastian
  5. Klingt spannend! Sind noch Plätze im Team frei? Sebastian
  6. Servus aus Leipzig! Sebastian
  7. Hi Karl, I've had good experiences with submitting support tickets but mail should work too. http://support.ultimaker.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit Expect a few days response time... Sebastian
  8. Hi everyone, as I posted before I was using Roberts feeder design on two printers. After the latch broke on one of the printers, i replaced them with 100% filled parts. That worked. But after a while, extrusion on both printers got worse. Extrusion tests "only" achieved 8 mm³/s. I cleaned the nozzle to exclude clogged nozzles as a problem but that did not help. So I came back to Geeks feeder design and mounted it on both printers. After my first experiences I printed all parts of the feeder 100% filled in PLA. I am using the original spring on both feeders and after some adjustments I can ea
  9. Hi guys, I am using Fan-Base-v04.stl printed in ColorFabb XT on my printers and it works great! My first test print was the Ultimaker Robot and for the first time ever, both "ears" had the same quality. No problems with 230°C prints. Didn't try V5 or the other designs yet, since the results with V4 are very good. Thank you venkel for your great design. Sebastian
  10. I'm runnig two Ultimaker² with OctoPi 0.8.0 installations. They worked out of the box. Did you pick the right serial port and baudrate 250000?
  11. The guide worked for ~20h of printing when printed in PLA with 20% fill. Afterwards I printed an ABS version with 20% fill that worked flawless. I also printed a 100% fill PLA version but didn't try that one anymore since the ABS version worked. The arms worked for ~100h printed in PLA with 20% fill. I printed a 100% fill version but didn't use that one anymore. Screws were definitely M3. So maybe everything is working with 100% fill in PLA...
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