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  1. Well, once in browser, all is simple: you can give it a name and make the header of the page a distinctive color. But you have to get there, and this requires some configuration in Raspbian and a bit in OctoPrint. I'll prepare a short guide in a couple of days and post it here. The basic idea is to use the USB device identification codes (usually stored in the EEPROM, e.g. for a FTDI FT232RL) and map the code to a particular name for each printer. Then the name is used to configure the http daemon of OctoPrint. L.E. Here is a config guide for multiple printers on OctoPrint/RPi, pretty long,
  2. What I found to be even more useful about RPi and OctoPrint is that you can run multiple instances of the OP daemon and control more printers, each in another browser tab/instance. If you connect a regular 4-port USB hub to one of the RPi's USB port (and perhaps an WiFi dongle to the other) you can run a pool of 4 printers! Each printer daemon being configurable independently. I don't know yet if it works with 3 printers and a camera
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