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  1. To all that replied here: thank you so much for your input. I have decided to purchase a FlashForge Creator X. Its a good machine with dual extruder and most importantly a local reseller. Thanks again. :smile:
  2. I can't post it publicly but by all means pm me your email address and I'll send it to you.
  3. It is. I've been sitting breaking it away with a knife but not all wants to come off. It is a very tricky model; probably the most complex of what I usually work with. Still, I want to push the machines and see what it can do...
  4. Going through the posts from the back. This terminator head is the only one so that shows the detail I'm looking for: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/467-post-your-
  5. I tend to agree. I don't that the reseller was the best at 3D printing. He was very helpful. He knew what he was talking about. perhaps though the practical side lacked some experience. I think the part was also printed way too fast. Seriously I'm not that interested in speed... quality comes first. My gut tells me it can do much better but lack of experience and time constraints made for a shoddy print.
  6. Ok I'll have to get permission to post the model. The sample doesn't look right to me though. Hopefully I'll soon be getting the sample from UP reseller. Curious to see how that will come out...
  7. Yeah I'm very interested in opinions of non-MB users too...
  8. This is not a dig at Makerbot :!: I sent a model of one of my projects the local Maketbot reseller to have a sample printed. My line of work is injection mould design and related product design (so mostly thin-wall stuff) so printing toy rockets and the like is not really a good test. I received the sample earlier this evening was quite shocked to honest. Its nowhere near is good as I expected. Obviously I don't expect it to be of moulded quality but this was quite poor. I have uploaded a screenshot of the model and a photo of the printed part. Note the circled areas in the screenshot. Is this result normal?
  9. ^^ sorry :/ fat fingers on a samsung keyboard...
  10. Absolutely would lovevtovseecthe Zortrax review!!
  11. Ok. Is that the only glaring difference for you? What is the quality of the parts coming off the UP? What material do you use? I saw a video on youtube where the Y-axis (supporting the table) seemed to flex up and down. It was very slight and possibly just a play of light and shadow but in your opinion how stable and how accurate is the UP? I know this isn't injection moulding (my usual stomping ground) and I'm very familiar with CNC machines so I know all about the precision issues of rotary scale and backlash... I don't expect absolute accuracy. However I'd like to get as close as possible. Any and all information is welcome. Just so its been said I have short-listed the following: Airwolf AW3D HD Makerbot Replicator 2x Ultimaker 2 UP Plus 2 Zortrax M200 I have contacted all the manufacturers and suppliers for the above but would appreciate feedback from users too.
  12. How many people actually print at that resolution? 0.1mm is already pretty small...
  13. My mistake. He said that only the mini had an enclosure. :oops:
  14. Thanks for your reply Sander. Yes, you're right. Recipients of damaged printers all said that they were looked after promptly. My concern though is that I am very far from Europe and it'll take so much longer. Whatever machine I decide to get already has plenty work lined up and I can't afford for it to sit idly...
  15. Thanks for all the feedback. I have read on this forum about problems with delivery i.e. printers arriving broken/knocked about. Not good for a device that has work to do. Also I want to find if there is a local reseller. These are my two main concerns.
  16. Reading this thread makes me wonder if it would be wise to order one. South Africa is a long way for services should it arrive broken. Unless you have a South African reseller...
  17. This one is close. Model your phone as a solid then convert to surfaces. Trim away everything you don't want as part of the case. You will now be left with a surface similar in shape to a flattened rectangular soap dish. Offset this surface outward by whatever thickness you want the case to have et voila.
  18. As a professional designer I have used many CAD packages over the years; both proprietry and free. If you want free you might well get away with using Autodesk 123D or Creo Elements. However I use Geomagic Design and Moi in my business. Totally swear by them.
  19. I plan on getting a Sense in the near future...
  20. Exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Cheers!
  21. That first one is pretty cool.
  22. Really?! The reseller was very specific that only the Mini had a heated platform. If what you say is true then the Plus is starting to become a true contender... Much homework to do this weekend...
  23. Thanks. Just spoke to the local UP reseller and oddly he recommends the UP Mini over the UP 2 Plus due to the fact that it has a heated platform. Apparently it gives better quality finishes. I am blown away by the Ultimaker 2's 20 micron accuracy. That is extremely good for the amount of money. Anyone care to upload a close-up photo of a part printed at that resolution? We definitely will buy a machine soon. Most likely in the next two months so we want to get all our ducks in a row... Keep it coming!!
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