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  1. Thanks - will do so. More vigour with set screws - less with the hot end brass tube which I've just broken. Might not be the last, either, very thin walled.
  2. Another print in PLA/PHA. This is a light guide to direct light from an LCD ring light onto subject for a macro photo. Top diameter 116mm.
  3. I'm new but have already used White and Utramarine PLA/PHA. Works well but I can't make any useful comparisons with PLA. I made the Klein bottle (100mm tall) in Ultramarine PLA/PHA.
  4. Beginner again. Tried Cushwa's Owl with Steam Engine. Perfect up to just above the nails of the talons. When I next checked I found that the printing had shifted 20mm to the left and the Ulticontroller bore the message that the X-axis stop had been reached (or words to that effect). I'm surprised that hitting the stop didn't abort the print - should it have? I realise that this may not be associated with Steam Engine (a power spike?), but, then again, it might... BTW the machine is printing normally now. No damage. No unduly slack belts. I plan to try the Owl again tonight - but with 1
  5. Beginner here. Running Windows 8, 64 bit, and Ulticontroller. I think that the GUI is very fine, can't think of anything that I'd like different. However I did notice that settings made in 'quickprintt' (eg diamter; support structure) are not carried through to 'full settings', and vice versa. I've made a number of items (some original designs, an extruder gear, xy belt tensioners, whistle, folk flute etc) using Steam Engine - all turned out well IMHO. But, I tried the Klein bottle in Steam Engine and that was an abject failure. After 1 1/2 hours the print was only 7mm high and looked ver
  6. I qualify under " inexperienced". Still waiting for my kit to clear customs in Oz. Mike.
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