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  1. My filament broke. Now what is left in the tube of my Ultimaker 2 won't advance. I can also not retract it to insert a new section of filament. I though I might be able to remove the feeding tube from the print head but have had no luck with that. How do I remove the section of filament that's left in the printer?
  2. I used the BQ(M25) setting because that was the default after I installed version 4.8.0, not knowing any better. I assumed Cura would know which one to use as my Ultimaker 2 is the only printer set in Preferences. Frankly I don't know what a "BQ printer" is. Even though I have had my Ultimaker 2 since 2014, and have used it regularly, my prints are always very small. I use the printer mostly for jewelry prototypes, so very small items. I am just now finishing the filament spool the printer came with. My skill is just mediocre level at best. The only time I have needed to use the "Pause at height" option has been for this phone tripod holder that I have made a number of times. It has always worked beautifully going back to Cura version 15.06.03 from 2015. I made another print with your suggested method of Marlin(M0), and "Pause at height" of 1 mm as a test. BINGO! It worked beautifully! It stopped, and I could resume the print. Thank you very much for that tip! I do have a couple additional questions if I may. I had retraction set to "0". A bit of filament was still hanging from the nozzle as the print head paused in the far right corner. When the print resumed that got in the way a little. I wonder if I should set it to 1mm or another setting to prevent that. Do you have a suggestion? How could I have known that I should set method to Marlin(M0) from the start? I could not find any documentation for this setting. In version 4.6.1 there is only one setting available for Pause at height, which is in mm. Nothing else can be set. As I mentioned pause did not work in this version either. How would that be solved in that version? Thanks again for your advice. It made all the difference.
  3. I just reinstalled version 4.6.1 and tried Pause at height again. I set the height to pause at to 1 mm so I wouldn't have too waste much filament. It still doesn't work. As with 4.8.0 it stops at the set height, instead of pausing. Now I don't remember which software version it worked with. It may have been 4.0.0, 3.6.0, or 3.2.1 (these are the versions for which I still have the install files.) Or even all the way back to 15.06.03. So annoying, because it used to work beautifully.
  4. I don't know what Z-Hops means. The fact that this is a known issue makes me want to believe that I cannot make this work in version 4.8.0. I guess it's back to version 4.6.1. Is that correct? They made something that was very simple much more complicated, and now it doesn't work. Would have been nice if I had known about this in advance. I would not have updated Cura. From your answer I read that the BQ(M25) setting is correct for my Ultimaker 2 printer. The mentioned 20 seconds for Disarm timeout was just a tryout. I had the Pause height set a layer 4, so it would be just a few minutes after the beginning of the print instead of almost done. I don't understand why 20 seconds would not be good. 20 seconds gives me plenty of time to insert the nut. I don't need 30 minutes to do that. All the other settings you mention do not seem to be relevant to my particular print.
  5. I am currently running Cura 4.8.0, just updated from 4.6.1. In 4.6.1 Pause at height was a very easy command and worked very well for me. Set the height in mm at which point you want the printer to pause, and it would happen flawlessly. The printer would stop, at which time I could insert a 1/4-20 nut into the partially finished print. After this I would push the button on the front of the printer and the print would resume. Now in 4.8.0 when I choose Pause at height, there are a lot more options. You can now choose the height in mm of layer number. There are many more options to choose from No matter what options I have chosen, the printer does not pause at the chosen height/layer. The printer stops. When I set the "Disarm timeout" setting to 20 seconds for instance, the printer pauses a short time and then still stops completely. What are the correct settings for the printer to pause and then resume again? The printer I am using is the Ultimaker 2. BTW, this is what I want to make again. I have made this successfully numerous times for myself and friends. It's a tripod holder for my phone. I need to pause the printer to insert the 1/4-20 nut. These photos were taken after the printer stopped.
  6. Thank you ahoeben! That is exactly what I was looking for. What is that long list of "plugins" I found in Contents/Resources/plugins/plugins? None of those seem to appear in Extensions > Post Processing under post processing scripts.
  7. I just downloaded and used Cura 4. Previously I have used a very old version of Cura mostly because it had a plugin called "Pause at height" which I have used regularly for certain projects. This plugin allowed me to insert metal hardware into the print while the printing was paused. Cura 4 did not seem to contain any plugins. So I searched for a solution on the Ultimaker web site. At https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/21966-cura-plugins I found this: How to install plugins On your computer, go to the Cura folder. Windows: Located in 'program files' folder. Mac: Located in the applications folder. Open the folder and find the following file path: Cura/Contents/Resources/cura/plugins This folder contains a few other plugins, like '3MF Reader' and 'Autosave'. Download a plugin and unzip it. Move the entire folder into the plugins folder. (Re)start Cura None of these instructions work on my computer. I am running Mac OS X High Sierra, Version 10.13.6 1. I have no Cura folder, only the Ultimaker Cura application in the Applications folder. 2. The only way I can follow the suggested file path (which does not exist on my computer) is by right clicking on the Ultimaker Cura application icon, and choose "Show Package Contents". I can then follow a path to Contents/Resources/plugins/plugins. 3.This folder contains a long list of seemingly available plugins. "Pause at height" is not one of them. 4. This instruction makes no sense. Download? I am in a folder with many plugins. There is nothing to download. They all seem to be in this folder. There is no ZIP file anywhere in the plugins folder. 5. This instruction also makes no sense. What entire folder am I supposed to move where? Please help.
  8. @nallath Still no infill in layer view in 15.06.03. Nor infill printing. Is there going to be an update of this bug soon. Without reliable infill I really am not able to use this software.
  9. https://ultimaker.com/en/support/view/16516-preparing-a-print-file Select the file on your computer and select “Open with” Cura Drag the file from your computer into Cura Neither of these two options work on my computer running OS X version 10.10.2
  10. I am also having multiple serious issues, and do not trust the new Cura for those reasons. If I cannot print with infill, as has been the case with multiple files now again in 15.06.03, this software is pretty much useless to me. Another functionality that seems to be missing from the new Cura are the plugins that used to come with the legacy version. One in particular is important to me right now, as I need it to do a print. It is the "Pause at height" plugin. I don't know if this plugin is part of the new Cura. If it is, I can't find it. The new Cura is also an enormous memory hog. It uses four times as much memory as the legacy version. So, would you please explain to me why you think the new Cura "is just a great software, so much better than the old one."
  11. I tried. It does not change anything. I did finally find the place where the "Infill line width" is. It is buried deep under Preferences > Machine > Quality > Shell Thickness > Wall Thickness > Wall Line Width! Wow really intuitive developers, ... NOT! Anyway, the default for this is .4 mm. So no, that does not change anything either. Besides I do not think that Infill Thickness controls the "infill line width". According to the flyout, Infill Thickness is "The thickness of the sparse infill. This is rounded to a multiple of the layerheight and used to print the sparse-infill in fewer, thicker layers to save printing time." No explanation to be found what "sparse infill" is. What is sparse infill?
  12. I tried to sign up on the GitHub site and got stumped immediately at the Username field. I am told "Username is already taken" when I want to use, both my previously used handle as well as my actual name which is a very unusual one. (My first name is a unusual Russian name, my last name a long Polish one). I seem to be having issues no matter what I try to do. Oh well, it seems part of what my life has been like these last four weeks. (Surgery a month ago with a month of pain, a root canal later today).
  13. I was considering that too. When I check all the infill settings in Preferences > Infill, I do not see a setting that might be related to the infill line width. I do see a setting "Infill Thickness", the default of which is 0 mm. This seems to be "The thickness of the sparse infill". I have no idea what "sparse infill" is.
  14. I don't "need" to use the latest version, and because in my case I cannot print infills, I indeed have not. However I would like to. And since nobody had responded to my post I thought that it also might be possible that I was doing something, or not something, that caused the latest Cura not to create infills. In other words, it might have been me who was causing this.
  15. Nobody has responded to a topic I posted 3 days ago. The topic is: Infill not showing and not printing in Cura 15.06.02. Since I consider this a rather important issue, which makes Cura 15.06.02 unusable for me, and since nobody has responded I now wonder: 1. If nobody else is having this issue. 2. How do I bring this to the attention of the developers at Ultimaker, since obviously they do not seem to participate here. Anybody out there with any bright ideas about this.
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