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  1. why is it Cura refuses to print objects above a certain height in one-at-a-time mode, even when it is clear there would be no collision between print head or gantry and the objects already printed? eg imagen your printing two cylinders each with a radius of 40mm and a height of 120mm. The first cylinder is positioned at the front right corner of the build plate, the second cylinder is in the back left corner. Obviously there would be no issue of coalitions and yet a warning message appears declaring there is nothing to slice because "none of the models fit". using cura 3.2.1
  2. No its not! And according to nallath, who sounds like he knows his stuff, it never has been available.
  3. @ yellowshark what u describe is, as i understand it, how the slicer works, not the gcode, which is simpler and dost have a concept of objects or copies. What I'm saying is, if having multiple layer heights is an issue for the printer. Crate a "compound_gcode" which contains multiple objects (each with their own gcode) which automatically load in sequence, without resetting the nozzle position. Collisions wouldn't be an issue as it would be calculated the same way as a normal one-at-a-time print. the only difference is that each object is treated like a separate gcode before being packaged as this "compound_gcode".
  4. Thanks for the reply nallath. I'm not familiar with the structure of gcode so i only get jist of what your saying. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but could problems u mention not be bypassed by treating the per-model-layer-height setting almost like separate prints in a queue? so it would effectively be loading a new gcode for each object? A compound-gcode as it were
  5. I'm glad that Cura now has per a model settings. It is something it has lacked for a long time. But i'm surprised to see we still can't have different layer heights (when printing one at a time) as this would surely be one of the most used setting. dose any one know why its been omitted?
  6. i also found the sensor to be stuck. I got it loos in the end by adding a few drops of WD40 and then heating it to 260.
  7. special modes! i wouldn't have thought to look there, for me this was a default setting . thanks peggyb,
  8. "should be available" this sounds like speculation? I don't think Machine Settings even exists as menu in cura 3.2.1. You now just select the printer or printer + upgrade your using. I've already selected the standard UM2 as my printer and as i said i cant find an the option to print one at a time.
  9. After looking and failing to find the option to, print one item at a time, i read somewhere that cura 3.2.1 don't currently have this facility? This is rather annoying as i ( and many others im sure) use this option ALL THE TIME! Can some pleas tell me when i might expect a patch or an upgrade to restore this option?
  10. ill give the temperature anther go then. Its not the model, happens with every ting i print.
  11. As i said i haven't made any changes to anything, it's the same machine, the same filaments and the same settings. but all of a sudden i have quite pronounces string issue. i assume there is a direct or indirect problem with retraction. but i cant find anything! it looks to to be working normally. i have not disabled retaction and can see the feeder / filoment doing the motions. ive played around with temperature and retraction settings which seems to have little affect. I've taken apart and reassembled the feeder despite it seeming to be fine anyway. and I ive removed and reinserted the bowden tube, in case there was movement. any thoughts?
  12. I'm certainly interested in this product but given that the Ultimaker team themselves felt they couldn't deliver a satisfactory duel extruder of their own, i'm a little wary of putting to much faith in something developed by a third party. Therefor i would like to suggest, if the guys at Ultimaker are willing, you could send them an upgrade kit to try out then they could give their feedback direct to this very thread. It would be a win win situation. People like myself would be reassured and thus more likely to buy if we could read a positive review from an knowledgeable and independent judge and who better to judge than than the people who make the printer for which add-on is intended. On an unrelated point. i just wanted to say, wile i think its great that your engaging with your customers through this forum i think a lot of the information that people want to know could have been anticipated and put on your web page.
  13. short enough maybe i will take neotko advice and ask Ulticreatr people how thy overcame the problems you described, no harm in asking.
  14. i saw the thread already but dont think the developers of a product are going to give me an impartial review of their product. im hoping the guys at Ultimaker might hav got their hands on one and could offer their opinions as pros and could also compare this thing's performance with their own efforts.
  15. Would someone pleas save me going though a tone of threads and simply tell me why was development of Ultimake's own duel extruder for U2 was abandoned? im sure i speak for many when i say, i was very disappointed when i discovered that this was the case, not least because, knowing i would be able to upgrade to a duel extruder no small part in the decision to by the Ultimaker in the first place. aaany way moving on, i see that an Italy based company called Ulticreat have created a duel extruder add-on for the U2 and U2+. Has any one, had a chance to have a play with this add and can thy offer some feed back? I would love to get a duel extruder add-on but my concern is that, if Ultimaker with all their resources and intimate knowledge of their own machine can't develop this upgrade....
  16. i have an ultimaker2 with the default 0.4mm nozzle and cura has this same value in the nozzle size settings box. however if i try to print anything,like curas own suport structures, i.e. somthing 0.4mm thick i get this alising affect where the printer trys to break a continues line into small increments. basically it makes a total mess. why is it doing this and is there some setting im missing that i need to activate to print one layer thick walls? thanks
  17. To put my question in context, I've designed and published (as .STL files) an object, comprising mutable parts, some of which have to move. The tolerances between components are reasonably tight but fit together and move perfectly smoothly when printed on my ultimaker2. However i'e got a reasonable number of comments from people complaining that parts are stiff or wont fit and i don't think its all down to cheap or poorly maintained printers. someone told me slicing software directed the print head to follow the outline of digital model rather than work within the outline there for the outline of the actual print would be increased by the radeus of the nozzle. Is this true and or dose it depend on the slicing software being used?
  18. thanks Nicolinux that's sooo much better than it wall. i probably should have thought of that myself :roll:. looks like u guys were right about there being a slight extrusion issue also. guess cleaning the nozzle is my next job then, sigh. thanks eveyone for all the your help. its really appreciated
  19. hay guys the nozzle is still set to 0.4mm. gr5 although i follow the logic im surprised to here what u saying about the working in mutably of the nozzle diameter, simply because the Cura default shell setting is 0.6mm. mostly i left it on that because ive had no reason to chang it till now. But ill up it too 0.8 if u think that's a better for the machine and or print quality? As I said, I did follow the link and your directions u gave. The first set of setting I gave were the once id been using before. Below is a pic of a print from your 0.2mm layer at 30mm/s speed. Anyway, returning to the stripes. While loosening the pulleys I discover the problem, Im almost certain it’s the short belt on right stepper. Its very slack compared to the other side and u can see it flinch / slip when it changes direction. Do I simply have to replace it? (insistently i canceled the print on its second layer once it was clear it was still doing stripes, the layer below looks better simply because it's the bottom layer)
  20. …..Layer hight 0.1mm These setting r pretty standard for me, I don’t mess around much with the settings for Cura or the machines itself. On your suggestions about belt tension I did try putting a tensioner on the back Y axis belt, as it felt a bit slacker than the others. Don’t know if it would have helped as I had to remove it due to snagging which then resulted in it getting drawn into the wheels/rollers :( also it caused even worse slack in the front Y belt. My sense is you guys r right and the belt is the culprit. Gr5 I did your slow print test, 0.2mm at 30mm/s this didn’t seem to have any effect on the striping though. Any more thoughts or advice r more than welcome thanks
  21. Hay guys thanks for all the input. To clarify some of the details: My machine is an Ultimaker 2, which ive had for about 6-7 months without any problems until now. noz temp 210 speed 100mm/s
  22. I could be wrong, but to my inexpert eye, It looks less like under execution and more like the printer is over spacing between stroke of the print head, so i get stripes rather than a solid layer on top and to a lesser extent also on the bottom. The sides of my prints look fine. ive tightened up the runners so there's no movement and changing the materal has no affect on the problem. can anyone suggest what the problem is and better still how to fix it?
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