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  1. Ciao a tutti, Per chi non l'avesse già scoperto o volesse semplicemente approfondire, apro questo thread per aprire una discussione sulla nuova Ultimaker S5! :) COSA CAMBIA? - grande volume di stampa con doppio estrusore - sensoristica avanzata per un'esperienza utente semplice e poco impegnativa - autocalibrazione migliorata del piano (funzionava già bene) - sportellini anteriori, webcam, LED di notifica e touch screen sono dei plus in più. PERCHE' ULTIMAKER S5? Perchè questa è l'unica stampante 3D desktop dal grande volume di stampa con costi accessibi
  2. Potrebbe anche essere che devi fare manutenzione alla macchina. C'è un piccolo componente che dopo circa 400 ore (dipende da diversi fattori) va sostituito. Accoppiatore in PTFE. Sai quante ore ha la macchina?
  3. Più che stamparti quello iRobert che non cambia moltissimo ti consiglio direttamente il feeder della UM2+ o UM3. Questo è l'upgrade che rivendiamo: http://www.shop.creatr.it/it/um2-ricambi-e-upgrades/201-feeder-upgrade-ultimaker-2.html
  4. I don't see what that has to do with it. Anyway this is the correct link: http://ulti.creatr.it/en/2x/index.html and here are the guides with videos: http://ulti.creatr.it/en/support/2x/assembly.html Yes, I haven't checked the forum recently. I'll check it in a couple of hours. If someone has any important question it would be better if they send an email in anycase.
  5. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know where the Ultimaker 3 firmware source code is? I wanted to check it out! Thanks.
  6. Ciao a tutti! Scrivo questo post per informare che è stata rilasciata la nuova Ultimaker 3 e Ultimaker 3 Extended: una stampante 3D desktop professionale. Questo nuovo modello offre finalmente la libertà di stampa di qualsiasi geometria e qualsiasi forma. DOPPIO ESTRUSORE La novità principale riguarda il doppio estrusore che utilizza i print core: gruppi estrusori completi e sostituibili in 30 secondi. Le combinazioni attualmente supportate sono: - Strutture di supporto con materiali solubili (PVA) e il pezzo in PLA e NYLON. - Doppio colore con: PLA PLA, ABS ABS, CPE CPE, NYLON NYLON
  7. Challenge accepted. We actually don't use 2x olsson block. I don't understand why you damaged your isolators.. Woops forgot about this. We're doing a 100 hour print and have all the other printers busy too. Will update next week probably...
  8. are you sure you installed everything correctly? If so, bend slightly the X endstop so that it is activated slightly before. Not too much!
  9. About 4 hours.. Simply because it prints the massive prime tower quite slowly. We need to speed that up and it will take much less time. But still. It can take as long as it wants as long as it prints that good!
  10. Any ETA on dual extrusion support? Also toolchange scripts? Thankss!
  11. Hi,Can you send me the STL so we can do a test print ourselves? Thanks!
  12. The nozzles are leveled with steel's insulator which is screwed or unscrewed. Yes correct.
  13. UPDATE: We'll soon be able to use heated bed + heater cartridges during the print. This will help for big dual colour PLA, ABS, CPE, Nylon prints.
  14. Here is what we woke up to today Benchy with 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2 layer. Just need to remove the really light stringing there is and it's perfect, Tomorrow maybe we can print it with 0.1mm layer, I need to check how many other prints we still need to do. BTW. This is what we'll wake up to tomorrow.. Hope you guys like it!
  15. Sorry for the late reply. We've been busy getting everything organized and been at a trade faire last week. Can someone link the dual colour benchy file so we can test it out and show the results?
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