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  1. I second this request. Please add layer change gcode customization.
  2. You were testing with UM2? What does worse mean, what happened? I tested on my UM3. Grounding all the ROSC pins made some wavy lines appear when printing a circular ring. On the other hand, when I did this hack on my UM2 last year, it really improved Z-banding.
  3. I tested it with my UM3 and it works, but there's an issue when doing the active leveling, as the nozzles would dig into the bed and melt the BuildTak. But I found a solution: Flip the build plate around when doing the active leveling. Then, after it's done, flip it again. The thickness is the same either way, so it works great.
  4. Daid, I think those unpopulated resistors were tied to VCC, not GND, which puts it into an "automatic" mode.
  5. I did some testing today and found that grounding ROSC actually made things a bit worse. Possibly the back EMF is too strong in this mode, causing other issues... But... in my opinion, there's actually no need to change anything. The UM3 has virtually no Z banding compared to the UM2. I'm guessing this is because the Z axis now has 1/16 microstepping enabled, making the missed steps less troublesome? I wonder if the stepper was also changed to a 400 step version... I'm very impressed by the quality I'm seeing out of this machine. Z banding and the ubiquitous "stair stepping" ripple on c
  6. Wow, what a clever approach to the capacitive leveling problem. And this means the level sensor doesn't even need to be affixed to a rigid surface. As long as it doesn't move during the sense period, it works. Impressive.
  7. Do you mean the extra EMI generated is picked up by the capacitive sensor, or something else? Mixed decay on the UM2 made such an improvement for Z banding, it would be great to be able to apply the hack on the UM3 as well.
  8. I use BuildTak on my UM2+ and love it. Is it possible to use BuildTak on the UM3? I wonder if it would interfere with the new capacitive leveling function. It would seem like adding an extra couple of mm wouldn't make a difference with a capacitive sensor, but I wonder if Ultimaker can answer this officially.
  9. Daid, Have you guys looked into using Vespel as a material for the insulator, instead of PTFE? It's what Stratasys uses as an inlet for their FDM heads. It's got excellent insulating properties. Also, some of the issues you're having might be mitigated by software. What if you automatically cooled one head down before printing with the other one? It wouldn't need to cool down completely, just be at a "standby" temperature, until it needs to be used. This would slow things down when doing dual extrusion prints, but for certain use cases, it would be just fine (for example, printing suppo
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