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  1. Yes I turned the extruder off and it still uses it. I then went to the machine settings and set the machine to only have 1 extruder and the same thing happens. I'm guessing I need to delete the code manually? I've attached the code for your reference. MFORU_LEDLampholder1head.gcode
  2. Is there a way to use the Mark 2 machine settings and turn off Extruder 2 completely? Currently I do that and it will still start the print by taking extruder 2, priming it and then keeping it at the standby temp as Extruder 1 completes the print. In the past I would simply use the Ultimaker 2+ profile but that doesn't work any longer for me as my flow sensor will no longer work and the print will error out. Simplest solution is to use the Mark 2 machine for all my prints. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Has anyone used the flow sensor with Cura 4.5? If I only set to print with Extruder 1 and turn off Extruder 2, Extruder 2 will still warm up to printing temp and continue to be in standby mode. The flow sensor will work no problem. Normally if I print with one extruder, I would use the Ultimaker 2+ Machine settings. Using version 3.2.1, I can select Ultimaker 2+ and everything will print without a problem. If I do the same using Cura 4.5, the flow sensor will work during the priming and then when it begins printing, the sensor will detect a material transport issue.
  4. Just have to build some filament guides and I'm ready to go. Probably end up testing without them to see how it goes.
  5. I printed another test file with the ultimaker PLA vs the black China brand. Now if you look at the image, the lead edge is where the hole is and this corner is almost perfect without oozing. The other two corners have the ultimaker blue PLA oozing off the edge. Now the blue is also in extruder #2. My thought is if it was purely the PLA temperature I would probably have ooze on all 4 sides. I'm thinking it might be a combo of over extruding and temp. Either way very happy with the results so far.
  6. Just finished building my Mark 2 and I thought I would share my results. First of all, I'm by no means a 3d printing expert but I think the results are pretty good. I have an original Ultimaker 2 but all replacement parts and materials I used are all China sourced. I used china made ABS filament to print the parts (about $3-4 usd per 1kg roll). Printed the cone with a mixture of Ultimaker blue PLA (came with the machine years ago) and cheap China made PLA (about $2usd per 1kg roll). Here's a first pic of my results, the first ever dual extrusion print I made. No prime towers s
  7. Yes did the releveling multiple times without any luck. I'm using an Ultimaker 2
  8. Using CURA 14.07 and latest version of firmware from July 2014 Hi I'm printing a full bed width piece using a raft and supports touching the buildplate. I've calibrated a few times but it seems when the raft starts printing, it is fine on the left side then the head starts to touch the bed (ie. grinding noise) when it starts to move to the right side of the bed. The bead looks fine on the left side but you can see it starting to squish and widen as it moves to the right. Any idea what is causing this? Maybe I'm not calibrating correctly or something but it seems like a very straightforward
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