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  1. Let me know how you get on.How it dissolves and how long it takes, and finish between AirWolf3D/ABS. As i said instead of printing in 2 3 4 parts ,then weld together.IF it works no more compromise on how it print and design things. Thanks Gromit
  2. Thanks again I will buy a real of Nylon to see what kind of finish i can get + some serious glue. Then look for a 3. thanks GROMIT
  3. acetone melts ABS together , is there any thing that melts Nylon together with out killing myself
  4. Thank for reply I mainly use ABS best result weld easily hard ect. Can you weld Nylon together or just stick
  5. I have 2+ which work very well, Even though i am just a hobbyist ,i am always printing stuff . Look to invest in 3. I use ABS on most of my project ,Easy to weld together (c3h6o), and if want to change design part don't have to print the whole thing . SO can you use water-soluble with ABS/Nylon/est, OR rather what material are compatible with Water-soluble.I have looked at some videos,but looks like using PLA. If i could use water-soluble with ABS ,I would not have to compromise on design.
  6. I soldered wire directly to printing bed, Over 100 prints after fix all working well. gromit
  7. Ok thanks i will have a go thanks gromit
  8. When printing with support pattern(lines), I rotate the print so the lines give me best support possible. Can I keep the print 90deg or 180deg and then rotate support pattern (lines)? Thanks
  9. I have error showing. ERROR sensor BED The problem is its is intermittent . I have re-solder connecting block on bed. Checked board connection . Tested for O/S wires from board to bed. I getting a reading of 109ohms resistor? on bed. I can get one print (first of the day) , try to print again some times OK some times fault. The printer has done several hundred hours Is it the board or bed? Ultimaker 2+ I upgraded to + months ago thanks gromit
  10. thanks UltiArjan I have a go at that Gromit
  11. Hello all Please could anyone tell me how to print 5mm solid on just one side of a print. I have tried drawing it in 3D several different ways, leaving 5mm side not added to solid. Make up the 5mm in 5x 1mm sections. Drawing the model in 3D and the 5mm in 2d,I have tried fix horrible in different ways, just adds all together a shells the lot out. How can I make cura see it as a separate part? I have give up and gone on to anther project, but I would like to know how it’s done. Gromit
  12. Yes your right some of my filament reels are 3mm, expensive mistake gromit
  13. I have had the same problem I changed form black to green, it may be because the filament was cheep (ebay) or there's something in the filament to make it green. I tried increasing the nozzle temp a little, did not work, Went back to black no problem . Gromit
  14. Yes that did it thanks, In Fix horrible set to keep open faces, Now what you draw is what you print, As long as you draw the way the printer prints. Maybe keep open faces should be default? Gromit
  15. Thank you I have a go at Fix horrible, I take it there’s a factory reset Just I case .gromit
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