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  1. hey There, well i can remember it took like around 10 minutes to flash the U3...wanst too complicated. if i where you, i'll give one more try. best, Esteban
  2. hey jimdeasy, did you tried to right click on the link and click on "Save As"?. Before saving just Change the file extension from .html to .Img maybe in this manner it will work. cheers
  3. Hey, usually, if im using a 0.4 mm nozzle, i set it to 0.38 mm in cura and the "wall line count" i set it to 4
  4. hey! i found this post today, i followed the steps, and now the printer is working like a charm! Thanks !
  5. Hello Forum, my U3 is kinda upset today, by booting it it freezes on the Ultimaker logo, and nothing else happens, what to do? Kind Regards, Esteban
  6. Hello! i keep receiving this message on my U3 that th difference of the cores height s blah blah blah. i did manual levelling like one million times and the autoleveling keep failing, nozzles are clean, glad plate is clean and without any debris... maybe is the sensor that is damaged? if yes how to change it? best Esteban
  7. Version 1.0


    A Huge Personal Project that took an Eternity to finish MATERIAL Bronzefill NUMBER OF PIECES: 156 unique parts POST PROCESSING First stage: 240, 400, 1000 Grit Sandpaper Second stage: Metal Polish Cream Final Stage: Vinegar and Marine salt to accelerate oxidation time MEASUREMENTS & OTHER INFO Length: 1.00 m Width : 1.10 m Height : 0.50 m Weight: 23 Kg Volume: 191872,772 cm3 Modeling Time: Around 13 Months Post Processing Time: around 4 Months Printing Time: Around 2000 hours
  8. Hello Forum, im printing the same file in both printers (u2, and u3) basically is an extruded HEXAGONAL grid. each cell has an 2 mm perimeter. the problem I'm having is that in the U2, the hex cells looks really like hexagon, the corners are really sharp. but the same file on the U3 the cornes are somewhat rounded... liking more like circles than hexagons.... both printers at 40mm/s. do i need to tweak the erg values on the U3/? many thanks in advance... E
  9. hey Daid: im using Cura 2.4 and the Firmware is the last stable version - 1) until now it only happened while WIFI printing. - 2) Yes, cura was Monitoring the Printer - 3) the Printer doesnt respond, ist frozen. - 4) since the Printer is frozen, any reading is impossible. - 5) im going to send the logs, i have to wait for the Problem to happen again, it is random.
  10. already did it... it works soemtimes, sometimes int freezes, it is random
  11. hello Forum. I'm having this problem> U3 Stops to print randomly while printing with WIFI, and the printer freezes. does anybody experienced the same problem? Best, Esteban
  12. thanks, now it works better, but theres no other support material that can be dissolved in water? i mean after all, is not so easy to print with PVA, and what i hate most is that i need to clean the nozzle so often! because it doesn't sticks properly, the nozzle catches the PVA that wasn't attached properly to the layer, and it stays there in the outside of the nozzle and it turns dark and sticky.
  13. yes im using standard profiles for PVA, that means in numbers : speed 60 and temperature 225 C, which ones are you using?
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