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  1. NIce! and how do you know what layer is? I was really comfty with the ultimaker 2 as it was but for my thesis I need to print like 20 rolls with 12-20 hour prints and is really important to save all the prints from power failure, even got a prusa for the resume option, but need all the extra help of my old reliable uiltimaker 2
  2. Does it still work for original ultimaker2? I need to get my old ultimaer2 to work cause I´m in a hurry with my thesis work, and the local power net fails at this time of the year, I read somewhere that it could resume from power failure is this right?
  3. Hi I want to correct this overhang issues from the marvin for 3dhubs could you please tell me your advanced settings to confirugure my ultimaker 2 ?, I read something about speed differences causing this issues [/media][/media]
  4. thanks James so far they have made it in contact with water !
  5. Sure im on ult2, and using PLA, I got into ABS to print a E shaped profile that would be in contact with watter but the bad results scared me away from printing for a while
  6. In matter of fact im fine with PLA just wanted to print a E shaped profile that will be in contact with water
  7. I quit on the abs right away after this post, it stinked, and separated of the heating plate when my print , a rectangular E shaped profile at 2 mm tall, also noticed that the abs on the noozle exterior was like burnt , I was using white abs and loked black or dark brown
  8. thank you that sounds good I began that way on the pla
  9. thank you I will check that this week sounds good to me I had bad experience last time it came off the heating bed and a blob of melt was into noozle and heat bed
  10. I think I´ll take that advice its quite hard to work it
  11. thank you very much, I boug abs and tried today but it really looks cool at begining but lately it comes of the hotplate
  12. Hi I am getting tired of calibrating for hours and not geting results, If I run the file mini cal test, runs better than smooth but if I want to print my own files I get lots of non sticking to the glass, why this happens ?
  13. those prints are really really impresive!!!! im doing that right now
  14. I want to know how to make the ultimaker 2 print slow with out getting the filament bitten in the filament feeder to get good quality I´ve noticed that depending on the code it may not stick to the heating bed and not really all times are heating bed calibration, also noticed that it goes too fast around corners or small radius parts here are some samples looks ok but take a closer look to the bottom Ive tried many ways and I have noticed also the direction of the layers have a great influence on how does the final print comes out same figure could look bad or worst depending
  15. A little while ago there was a chat here and a nice industrial designer gave me a few hints to make my designer brieffcase, but cant recall who he was anyone knows about it ?
  16. I tried simplify 3d but the printer didnt accept their gcode
  17. Nice and how do I add suport ? cura does nothing in my piece when I press add supor everwhere
  18. I see the code now, why the shell and bottom/top are so thick ?
  19. HI Cloakfield, here is my current work, and how you ad suports then thats what keep me stucked
  20. here is a video on how its behaving I gueess it moves too fast on the en of lines https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vbkib600fvqwc1/20150613_164436%5B1%5D.mp4?dl=0
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