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  1. I find that the clear plastic screen drops.....I'm modifying to use magnetic tape to 'capture' the clear screen....it works well! Also, I'm finding it really hard to get clear plastic sheets....experimenting with 2 x laminating sheets (to add stiffness) through a laminator......and using large coke ( diet!!) bottles....they have the curve already in them and it's the best recycling I can think of!
  2. I should have mentioned that! I'm using PLA. I've changed the design a little based on lots of feedback, I've added extra 'hooks' and fine tuned the thickness to make them as flexible as possible but still retaining strength. EARS21.3.stl
  3. And speed....and flow! I think that an 'over ride' for the print head shadow when using the 'print one at a time' would be a good feature....hidden of course....because these prints are so thin in the Z it is a pain to do any trimming afterwards.....I shall persevere!!!
  4. Hey Sander....I'm printing lots of 'Ear Savers'...they help to prevent care workers ears getting sore from wearing face masks for a long time...not life saving but gives a little comfort! I've attached the file.... See post below for an update and a pic! EARS8 .7v11.stl
  5. Sorry, I should have mentioned that! I have a few Ultimaker 2...Olsen block mod..One at a time seems to give me slightly better quality and less clean up to do afterwards....I have to make hundreds of these!!
  6. Hi there, I'm printing off lots of 'ear savers' for health workers, Does anyone know how I can fill the print bed with models, really close, and use the print 'one at a time'? I just get the gantry crash message. My parts are less the 1mm high, there are no crash issues! EARS8 .7v11.stl
  7. Thanks Nallath! I'll have a play with that later.....I guess I should really read the manual!!
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if it would be possible to modify Cura to be able to pause the print at a specified layer height. This would be fantastic to encapsulate parts into the print. At the moment I am working on a 4 x servo robot walker. The servos will be screwed into the finished print but it just crossed my mind that if Cure could be stopped at a certain layer, I could drop the servos in and then let the print carry on to encase them in....no need for screws and it would be pretty neat!I know that I could just use the pause facility already there....but I'd have to sit and watch the
  9. I have had my ultimaker2 for about 3 or 4 weeks now and never seen this until today! I searched the forum and found this thread. I'm not sure exactly what I did but I think I may have loaded the file into cura by double clicking the filename, every time I have previously loaded files I have always just clicked the filename once and used the drop down and selected 'Mesh Files'. This time the model appeared in cura, it saved to the SD card as normal but the ultimaker gave me the error message you saw too. When I checked the SD card the file was zero kb, so I just reloaded the file the way I used
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