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  1. How did you successfully install the head? did you follow the instructions from this page? http://reprap.org/wiki/Ultimaker_Diamond and did you follow the Ultimaker 2 version? or the Original version? I'm mostly curious to see if you had to drill holes to relocate your end stops.
  2. In my experience... I was sure the bed was level, and later.. seemed off. I realized just because the bed level wizard went ok in the beginning, didn't necessarily mean the prints will turn out in all layer heights. I start with the wizard, then move onto doing a basic print at the highest resolution(0.04mm). As it begins to do the brim, raft, or skirt.. I adjust the screws further until it puts down perfect sticking lines. This has been my key to success to acheive ulti-quality prints that stick. I take my glass out to wash regularly, move the z axis by hand, etc. and don't need to relevel.
  3. Hey Neotko.. i've been trying to figure out the perfect way to add dual extrusion to the UMO+ and the power supply issue is the only thing in my mind... In my research, the UM2 runs a 24V, 25W heater. Nothing from UM documents say the bed runs 25W but thats just what ive read a few places. In my mind, you should have no problem in theory running a lower wattage heater. If I had all the stuff to test, i'd put a bit more resistance on my stock heater and see if I can drop it down to say. 30w. it would just take longer to heat, correct?
  4. Although the designs differ slightly with our heated beds.. I had this issue for a brief bit on my UMO+. Have a good check of the wires and connections to the board. On mine, I gave the wires some slack, and checked the connection of both sets of wires. Fixed my problem.. sounds like it's something simple
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