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  1. Hello, sorry but I cannot seem to find the tutorials on converting the UMO to 1.75 filament. Links are not working, Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have been using my umo+ for the last 4 years and I really like the simplicity of this printer. I am thinking about modifying it a bit, and I don't know if it's been already done before. I have seen people putting a UM2 printhead on the UMO+, and I was just thinking of putting a dual extruder on the UMO+ using the UM2 extruder head assembly. But I was thinking that instead of 2 - 3mm nozzle, Is it possible to put one 3mm and one 1.75mm? The main reason for this is the availability of filament sizes. 3mm / 2.85mm is quiet hard to find in my area. Any thoughts? Th
  3. This is my latest work, still in progress. RC Stan Tug. [media-thumb=32382] [media-thumb=32383] [media-thumb=32441] [/media-thumb][/media-thumb][/media-thumb]
  4. I have tried it, it does work. but the clearance between the bed and the fan shroud is so low that the shroud will clash with the bed clip if you print near it. other than that, works great.
  5. Hi all, I have not use my UMO+ for about 4 days, and I tried using it today. But when I turn on the power switch, it does not power on. I tried plugging the power cord into different power sockets but still no luck. Any thoughts on what might be the problem? My printer is less than a year old still and very lightly used. Can it be the power supply? or the board? Thanks for any help.
  6. There's a bit of an improvement I think. I printed the Ultimaker robot and it came out better than my previous print. I still have problems with retraction I think (see the antenna) printed this @ .1mm
  7. Made my UMO+ a right side fan duct Printing the first time with the new duct
  8. I have been using my UMO+ for about 2 weeks already, and from what I experienced so far, different filaments might require different settings, even from the same brand (I have used silver and black ultimaker pla). I usually get my better result with temp between temp 190 - 200 and speed of 30mm/s @ .1mm thickness. But printing @ .15 and .2mm is also ok. The black pla gives me more stringing than the silver even at the same setting.
  9. Well, I took the plunge and ordered the UMO+. Hope it goes well. I'll ask questions again if it's time for me to build it. Thanks a lot!!
  10. @ dim3nsioneer : I am talking about this printer https://www.3dhubs.com/3d-printers/builder-dual-feed sorry if i'm not being clear. @neotko : so will this means that there are still a lot of hardwork before UMO+ can achieve UM2 quality? @ lepaul : I thought UMO+ already comes with heated plate. Aside from that, what else are necessary to make the UMO+ quality better? will I eventually spend as much so on upgrades that the price difference might be non-factor at all if I go with the UMO+ against the UM2?
  11. Well, dual extrusion is not really that important, although the one in 3d builder catches my attention, my main consideration really is the quality and ease of use. I do agree that UM2 quality and reviews are really good, so supposedly the UMO+ should have the same quality or close to it. For the 3D builder, there's only a handful of reviews on the 3dhubs and its hard to find pictures of sample prints, the primary reason I went to this forum and maybe somebody have both and can really compare the ultimaker and the 3D builder. I am kind of leaning towards the UMO+ primarily because of the pr
  12. Hi! I am thinking about buying my first 3D printer, I am trying to read as much info regarding the UMO+ and UM2. I am also trying to find reviews of the 3D Printer Builder dual feed but I am having difficulty looking. Anyway, I am really looking for good quality prints, from what I have read, probably UM2 is better than UMO but not by much. Anybody have any ideas on how the 3D builder compares to the UM's? Thank you
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