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  1. I can not get the settings visibel in 3.4.1 or 4.0
  2. SUPPORT ISSUES STILL With 3,5,1 Se file- No support should be present under the slopes up to the holes
  3. MORE BUGS - Supports So again there are some very wrong stuff going on. Now printing supports where it is not sliced..
  4. I tried using blocker. Seems like it has a bug also as it did not work. Maybe if I set them in the holes... This is not kind of a bug it is a big bug
  5. here is the model Z Carrier_4x.stl
  6. BUG? So are these suppport towers a bug or how do I get id of them? not in 3.4
  7. There is a bug or you changed something I can't find. This piece has printable overhang but gets towers with all kinds of support angles. This must be a but Also finding stuff in filter is now tedious as we must scroll or search
  8. Cura firs then Slic3r So the model is this temp tower: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1478258 Slicing in cura with 0.4 nozzle, 0,2 layers 0.4 and 0.35 line width shows this: Slicing with slic3r shows this
  9. I even unchecked slice automatic. Still I can't change one parameter without waiting
  10. I am not going to search the whole forum for similar topics as I am very frustrated with the performanece of 3,1 I use win 10 on a i7 laptop - always update everything and have been happy with Cura all the time but now it is a pain in the ..... waiting when changing parameters or starting up , just everything is laggy. I can not live with this and might just go to the dark side if nothing is done quick Any news on these issues?
  11. As in topic. I can tweak this by setting skin expansion to oversize in mm but I am looking for a checkbox or something to obtain this function. /Roy
  12. Bump. This is a big miss in this release. As now I need to kill the power to abort not destroying the hotend and BLT
  13. When printing via usb from PC and using abort option the hotend homes xy AND Z... Destroying the hotend and the blt into the printed part. NOt an issue i 2.6 Using prusa i3 profile
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