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  1. Excellent Condition. Includes Advanced UM2+ kit, Buildtak Flexplate, 3 rolls of Filamentum PLA filament, 1 roll of Matterhackers PLA, 1 roll of hemp infused PLA, calibrations tools, spatula grease, extra Buildtak and PEI sheets. Brand new belts, extruder and hot end. $1550
  2. Where you able to get replacement panels? If so, through who?
  3. I found one. I'm glad to be apart of the Ultimaker community again!
  4. I recently found out that they sell refurbs but yeah sold out atm.
  5. Looking for a UM2 or UM2+ in the United States.
  6. Hello, I have a 6 month old UM2+ in great condition that I'm just not using enough. It has a zebra plate installed, feet installed to allow air flow and dampening and printed knobs to adjust the bed. I'm looking for $2100 shipped and I'll include a spool of filament. For quicker responses, I can be reached at: nfcrockett @ gmail.com. Thanks, Nick
  7. Thanks for the input. This is a brand new printer. I'm aware of the print speeds, I was just curious what experiences some of the users here have had as far as max prints speeds without substantially affecting print quality. For example, the printer I have now is rated for 100mm/s but can not reliably print anywhere near those speeds. More like 30mm/s reliably. Thanks for replying so quickly.
  8. Hello, I'm looking to become a new proud owner of a Ultimaker 2. I'm trying to decide on the UM2 or the UM2+. I have found the UM2 for $2000. Do I buy the UM2 for $2000 and wait for the upgrade kit or just by UM2+ with the factory installed upgrades for $2500? Does anybody have any idea how much the upgrade kit will cost? Less than $500? If it's anywhere near $500 for the upgrade kit I'll probably go with the UM2+. Are the UM2+ upgrades a must? Also what is the difference in heat up time between the two? What would you say the max print speed is without sacrificing quality? Let me know what you guys think. I'm looking forward to joining the community.
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