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  1. tl/dr: Is there a way to use Software Leveling with Cura 3.x on a non-Ultimaker printer? I love Cura, it is great software, thank you! I have a Rostock Max v2 (delta), and was able to import a profile for it. Now I'd like to use Software Bed Leveling to get a great print on the delta, and I'm not seeing it where I thought it would be from reading these forums (Settings > Printer > Manage Printer) Is there a workaround to use it? Screw-turning based leveling is... not great.
  2. +1 to this question: I didn't see any Rostock models in the preset lists of printers, and the "Add new printer wizard" suggestion maybe was for an older cura version? I'm happy to import a config file of Rostock Max v2 settings if that is possible, and if someone has one. Cura 2.1.2 OSX
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