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  1. I've had two similar issues with the S5 using Cura's Pause At Height script. For example I've set two pauses: one at 5mm height, the second at 10mm height. Example 1: S5 pauses at 5mm - all good. Then I resume but the next pause isn't at 10mm, it occurs at 7 or 8mm. Example 2: Before reaching the first pause at 5mm, core BB requires a filament change which pauses the print and prompts for new material. I change material in core BB and resume print. The subsequent pause at 5mm occurs instead at some random value like 3 or 4mm. In neither
  2. Any chance of an update that allows manual heating of buildplate?
  3. Yeah it's all good now thanks. I realized the problem was with the Print Core as I'd previously come in to find the print head packed full of ABS after a night of printing and material got stuck and ended up jamming and melting up into the print core. Something must've got damaged on the print core causing it to malfunction and gave me the issue I reported. Replaced the print core and it's all working fine now.
  4. Strange - because when I first got the printer there was a menu option for auto leveling and I had it set to 'never' as I usually run the active leveling manually myself every few days rather than before each print. After the firmware update the Active Levelling option is no longer available.
  5. Replaced left side Core AA with another unused Core AA, Core BB in the right. After running bed leveling selected XY calibration. For the first time it ran an active leveling test before the calibration and it seems to be fine now - core BB printing properly. Not sure if replacing AA forced a reset, or there was an issue with AA core. Will see once XY calibration is complete if menu option for Active Leveling is still missing.
  6. Yeah oddly after updating firmware the automatic leveling is no longer available. Not even in the menu.
  7. Have inserted another AA core (so both slots are now AA - AA) and still the second print core (the one on the right) presses into the buildplate when printing. Have levelled the bed again with no luck.
  8. Hi, Issue: Print Core BB presses into the buildplate when printing. I've installed Print Core BB for a second material. Did manual bed-leveling - both cores leveled properly. When starting a print - Core AA prints fine, then BB prints but presses right into the build-plate by almost 1mm. Have leveled the bed again, ran the XY calibration setup, but that doesn't work because once AA has printed it's grid, BB comes and presses into the bed again. Any idea what the issue might be? It's like there's an offset somewhere that's putting the BB Core closer to t
  9. Can't seem to find the Print Sequence in CURA 2.3 with the UM3 selected. Am I missing something? Have two small models loaded as per previous UM2+ builds.
  10. No option to set LED brightness during print? Why take that away? UM2+ I'd start print with light on the check quality but switch off if running overnight. Also, on the XY offset chart... 16 comes AFTER 15, not before it. How do you get 16 between 15 and 10? How have these things not been checked before printing? And also this is confusing at first: That printout actually makes no sense until you read the manual and see that the glass plate needs to be removed.
  11. Just to add to the thread - I'm not at all happy with the quality of the machined front panels. The quality isn't great at all. It's this rough all the way around.
  12. Thanks . Your prints came out with a nice solid top layer. Going to try it as soon as the machine is finished it's current print. (I see you've set your build volume / table size larger. Any reason for that?)
  13. Sure...http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=97613915783401376658
  14. It's been at 0.35 all along. I'm trying another process now with it at 0.4 as well as increasing the outline overlap. Will see what happens.
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