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  1. This sounds like TFM death to me. Usually, if it pushes through ok, but snaps or really stretches out on an atomic pull there's a cavity in the TFM.


    Check that your back fan is running when your nozzle is at 100+ degrees. Not the side ones, the one blowing forward through the heatsink. If this guy isn't running it will also cause the issues you're seeing.

    thanks for the info the atomic pulls seems to stretch or just snaps even with just PLA,

    the fan at the back of the heatsink starts when the nozzle temps go over 40c.

    I put the bigger nozzle  0.6 in so far no clogs but the 0.25 and the 0.4 seem to just clog right away from just loading material in, you see the filament go into the black box and after a couple seconds the feeder start clicking and grinding the filament and nothing comes out the nozzle and from there its clogged and have to atomic pull to get the filament out of the TFM area and remove the nozzle to clear it.

  2. Okay,

    I can pass filament through the hole with out the nozzle in with out any resistance.

    I tried to do as many atomic pulls as I could and this is how it turns every time:



    I got my heat gun out not sure how if it works the way I think but when the nozzle is at 235c the heat gun shows it at 50 when pointed at it.

    I put the 0.8 nozzle on the filament comes out pretty good doing a print nozzle set to 235c using the heat gun on the first layer as soon as the nozzle is out of the way and it shows as 105c.

    I cleaned the 0.25 nozzle out made it super clean made sure there was no filament suck in the TFM when loading it the filament gets into the nozzle area then you hear click click click from the feeder and nothing comes out.

    then you select change it pulls the filament out but again its breaking and leaving the filament in the nozzle.

    tried with colorfabb nGen and ultimaker PLA.

    This is what it was printing 0.25 nozzle, 0.1 layer everything was going perfect now just cant get it to print.


  3. I can't print anything as the nozzle just clogs pretty much right away. (when loading the filament it will start to come out good then just slowly come to a stop and the feeder gear just eats the filament) with PLA and colorfabb nGEN, even removing the nozzle and cleaning it out putting it back in does not help.

    the last couple weeks I have noticed when it does the purge less came out then normal and it curls up onto the nozzle.

    but it all hit the fan 5 hours into a 10 hour print (using the 0.25mm nozzle) just stopped extruding now I can't get it to keep extruding now.

    I have been printing mostly PLA at 205 and nGEN at 230c.

  4. Hello,

    Having issues with the nozzles keep getting blocked can't do the atomic method to clear as it just snaps off half way through the TFM coupler.

    every time I remove filament using the change menu it does not remove it all can clogs the nozzle.

    on the printers stats menu it says printing: 388:00 for time.

    is there any way of checking this with out having to take it out?

    and if I do have to replace it where do you you get the "print head alignment aid" that it says you have to use in the Resources or does it come with the new part?

  5. starting to think its more an adhesion issue now as I been printing that bed level test print and got it pretty good now but I'm seeing it peel on the start of each new line and when the the nozzle comes back to start a new line it catches that little lift. would it be the glue stick not playing nice with this brand PLA as I had no issues at all with the ultimaker brand PLA.

    Can the PLA be printed on the glass with no glue if i give it a wipe over with isopropyl first to get ride of any oils etc.?

  6. Hello,

    Not sure if this is the right section of the forum for this,

    Can someone help the first layer keeps doing this, like its lifting as the nozzle goes back over making bubbles by lifting/tearing.

    I leveled the bed, cleaned the glass, used glue stick.

    Bed temp is 60c

    nozzle 200c

    using colorfabb black pla/pha.

    layer height: 0.15mm

    initial layer height: 0.27mm

    initial layer speed: 30mm/s

    This was sliced in cura but its even worse when sliced in S3d.

    What I'm doing wrong?



  7. Not sure if I have found a bug or I'm misunderstanding, using a UM2+ my first print sliced in cura 2.3 I have retraction enabled but I'm getting alot of strings like retractions are not happening and looking at the PLA profile it shows retraction speed of 0mm/s

    Would this be a bug or is cura setting the retraction speed else where?

  8. Hello,

    Reading through the logs I noticed these two (there the same logged twice) are logged every time cura 2.3 beta opens.


    2016-09-02 22:08:00,062 - WARNING - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\cura\Settings\ExtruderManager.py (getMachineExtruders [280]): Tried to get the extruder trains for machine Ultimaker 2+, which doesn't exist.2016-09-02 22:08:00,062 - WARNING - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\cura\Settings\ExtruderManager.py (getMachineExtruders [280]): Tried to get the extruder trains for machine Ultimaker 2+, which doesn't exist.


    Are these entries normal? (printer is not connected to the computer)

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