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  1. Hello, Hope this is this correct place to post, So my UM2+ has been sitting for a month and when I went to level the bed the rear thumb screw is soooo tight I can only move it about 2mm each way so i can not get the bed level and I don't want to break something whats the best why of freeing up the thumb screw so it will move like it use to?
  2. I do like the looks of this, someone has done more testing with this as well https://laplacean.wordpress.com/2018/05/17/gyroid-infill-tests/
  3. Done more testing and @StephanK is right every other homing works but change filament ignores the end stops unless filament change is the first thing you do once you turn on.
  4. Ran into a weird issue after doing a couple prints using the change filament the homing of the head fails it hits the end stops then goes crazy like it did not hit the end stops. worked after powering off and on but does it again after doing alot of prints then trying to change the filament.
  5. Okay the bed was already set to No PID ("bang-bang"), Played with the power budget total seen no real change. the screen text still jumps even while not printing if you are going through the menu's its very random and happens more often while printing. If its not something to worry about and will not harm the printer I'll set the LED and Screen timeouts so i don't see it.
  6. I'm not sure what mode the bed is on I'll check after this 5 hour print but its stock what ever its set too once flashing and doing the factory reset. What do you mean dual prints? My printer is not running the mark2 mod, I'll check the Total budget thing out.
  7. Flashed Tinker V17.10.1 on my UM2+ and noticed when its doing lots of retractions and fast travel moves the screen starts going a little funny like all the text jumps to the left and back, also noticed the LED lighting flickers for a couple seconds every now and then. EDIT: I wounder if this is related to this? Is this normal? Also can't run the auto pid tune I get failed temps to high. EDIT: I managed to get it to work by turning on the part cooling fan and cupping my hand to direct the air to the hot end for the first cyclical and
  8. Not sure if this is what you are after, Marlin tweeted they added support for UltiController v2.1 and some fast googling looks like that is the display board from the UM2, it will be in the latest source from GitHub.
  9. Tested on my Macbook Pro 2016 up-to-date OSX and not seeing this issue.
  10. @tinkergnome Would you have any idea's on whats happening here when trying to build on OSX I can't work it out I downloaded the Arduino.app version that is defined in the package.sh file made sure it was in the right location etc. RM _Ultimaker2extended/* RMDIR _Ultimaker2extended/ make: *** No rule to make target `_Ultimaker2extended/wiring.o', needed by `_Ultimaker2extended/Marlin.elf'. Stop. cp: _Ultimaker2extended/Marlin.hex: No such file or directory RM _Ultimaker2extendedDual/* RMDIR _Ultimaker2extendedDual/ make: *** No rule to make target `_Ultimaker2extendedDua
  11. I was going to compile it for you with the changes for the DDG but @tinkergnome has the material load speed in steps and not mm/s FILAMENT_FAST_STEPS not sure what 50mm/s is in steps Also get an interesting error when trying to run the package.sh on Mac
  12. But its 9:07pm (Sorry could not help my self with a timezone joke)
  13. Just found some time to test this used latest from GitHub works great.
  14. Out of curiosity did you edit just the file "hardware\arduino\avr\libraries\Wire\src\utility\twi.c" as that's the only copy of twi.c I can find.
  15. Pretty sure it's FILAMENT_INSERT_FAST_SPEED in UltiLCD2_menu_material.h
  16. Ahh that makes sense, of course not sure how that slipped my mind for some reason my brain was thinking that gauge was only showing the adaptive values not the overall model :/
  17. Just had a quick look and it seems to be grabbing the initial layer height lowering that value then gave me the expected max layer height. @ctbeke is this correct behavior?
  18. Checked it out and yes it will smash the bed clip as it is now. I do like @tinkergnome idea, would be interesting to see if that method could be implement.
  19. You could insert the snippet after the first line of skirt/brim gcode that way the head has already moved away from the prime area and has only done a small amount of movement on the bed. But that would not work if skirt or brim is off. anther way would be to loop over the whole gcode output and change the Z values but that would be really slow to process? for large-ish prints
  20. I'll give this a test tomorrow, One thing does this move happen after the head has moved away from the priming area if not you will want to move the X for UM's or the nozzle with smash the bed clip this is what I use when printing in PETG. G1 X40 Z0.05 F4000 ;Z Offset Hack, also move the X to not smash the bed clip G92 Z0 ;reset zereo for Z Offset Hack
  21. In Cura 3.2 going by the release notes it's now a plugin and should be in the plugin browser, but it's not showing for me might be related to this https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/3166
  22. Going from above will not work on the Ultimaker as the filament enters the feeder from the bottom meaning the plastic would need to make a U shape once it gets to the feeder.
  23. I'm not even sure Ultimaker make the nightly builds public. Pretty sure they will post in here if a new build is made available (well hoping so)
  24. What's the difference from A1/B1 to A2/B2 I can't see it? Because I myself don't have room to run it under the printer I found this to be the only way to get the polybox to work, I wanted it to be beside the printer so I could read the display but it can't be done as it puts to much pressure on the filament turning to the right then going up, even with hanging spool holder inside.
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