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  1. Agreed...It sounds like the nozzle needs to be tightened when heated, and was probably accidentally tightened when cold. You can do an atomic/cold pull before changing the nozzle to make sure debris is not preventing the nozzle from tightening all the way.
  2. We've been using Layerneer Bed Weld on our Ultimaker 3's borosilicate glass. It holds PLA, ABS, and PETG to the bed without needing any brims or rafts and then releases it when the bed cools to room temperature. It last several prints, can be recharged with a wet sponge, and comes off pretty easy with water. Warm soapy water seems to make it even easier to remove. For ABS we like to set our bed temp to 80C and that is enough to avoid warping while still releasing parts easily when cooled. It literally pops and snaps as the part detaches. Usually we can lift the part of
  3. I'm also running into issues with material selection with the latest version of Cura. Here is the scenario. 1) My printer runs in my garage and I connect to it via Wi-Fi. 2) I place my spool of Ultimaker Nylon Clear in an external dehydrator so NFC detection is not possible. 3) When I load the filament the Ultimaker understandably can not detect the filament and request that I select a filament. It only list the generic filament types so I select Nylon. 4) I set the material type in Cura to the proper Ultimaker Nylon Clear and attempt to print my object. 5) A warning appears due to the mi
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