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  1. Why does it need to be either way? Why not have it as a setting? Then th euser can chose for himself what level of information he wants, not a grumpy software guy... ?
  2. After the autolevel process my first layer looks like this: The heatbed is so close to the nozzle that almost nothing comes out and get compressed, then when the Z compensates it pours out. Is there a way to calibrate the autocalibration? Or just fix it so it works? EDIT: Here is the second layer. Heatbed still too close (look at the bottom part of the picture. (The heatbed is just cleaned and laying flat).
  3. Some layers needs to be supervised when printing. It would be a great help if the Ultimaker Display could show the current layer it's printing. It would fit nicley on the firs row. Example Printing layer: 167 UM3_abc 25min 19s
  4. No tjhis wasn't solved after all... Another print eneded up as the same... grinding for a while, moving on, grinding, moving on... I will post a new one about this.
  5. I entered the material data on the package into Cura and estimated the other one not found: Density: 1.22 g/cm³ Diameter: 2.85 Printing temp: 223 °C Build plate: 60 °C Retraction: 2.00 mm Standby temp: 175 °C Fan speed 20% When printing small objects all is fine, but on larger ones (base size 107x50mm) the problems already occures on the secon layer. The flow is almost nothing and there is virtually no filamnet extruded at all. PolFlex is highly flexible and when priming the filament is compressed and I suspect this comperssion is what makes the f
  6. Sorry guys, it was my bad... It had grinded the filament and then managed to get a grip again and feed it a bit more, then the grinded part got stuck just when it enters the bowden tube, so I couldn't see it until I took the feeder apart. When trying to unload the material it wasn't retracting and that made me take the feeder apart and then I saw what happened.
  7. I have one roll of Black PLA from ADD3D (made in Sweden) with these parameters in extruder 1: Density: 1,24 g/cm³ Diameter: 2.85 mm Extrude temp: 200°C Retract: 2 mm Retract speed: 25 mm/s Standby temp: 175 °C Fan speed: 100% In extruder 2 I have original yellow PLA from Ultimaker with the predefined profile in Cura: Density: 1,24 g/cm³ Diameter: 2.85 mm Extrude temp: 200°C Retract: 2 mm (also tested with 1mm at 210°C) Retract speed: 25 mm/s Standby temp: 175 °C Fan speed: 100% Heatbed at 60°C and I h
  8. It's not the most intuitive place to enable it and it's an Experimental feature. I enabled (and restarted), loaded a few models but where is the list? I think it really would be better to just display the selected model's name togeter with the other data on the screen.
  9. I loaded 5 different STL files, arranged them on the plate and printed them. Now I don't remember the file name of each model on the plate, and they look about the same with minor differences. When selecting a model, there is no information beside location and scale. Since there is an option to reload all models, all the file names must still be in there somewhere. It would be very helpfull if at least the filename was shown on the selected model or a "name" layer could be shown, displaying the filename on each model.
  10. I agree, there shouldbe an option to turn off this check in Cura. Or at least pupup a dialog with a warning (right after ju press print) with a Cancel/Ok button. Now we have to click on the printjob, expand the mesasge and press overide... and then confirm again...
  11. This is a very old "bug". If I print from a USB stick, there is no complaints, but if I print over the network it always asks me to change to material "unknown" that doesn't exists on Ultimaker 3. I'm running an old batch of PLA from my previous printer so obviosly it has no RFID tag. As I understand, the new generation (Ultimaker 3) don't use the built in material profiles anymore. The settings for extrud temperature and heat bed temperature are sent with the model. Therefore it isn't nessecary to "change" material on the printer at all. Now I always have to open
  12. Windows 7 64bit Ultimaker 3 I'm trying to make the brim smaller. It's by default set to 7mm and I just want it to be around 5 lines. But as soon I change any of the brim parameters: Brim Width (7mm) = 5mm or Brim Line Count (17) = 5 It calculates and resets them back to 7 resp. 17. I have also tried to set Skirt/Brim Minimum Length to 0 (disable) it, but still, the other parameters always reset back. I just want Brime Line Count to be 5.
  13. I have about 1Kg PLA from the old 3D printer and I made a profile for it in Cura. But when I try to print over network I get "Change Material 1 from PLA (Generic) to Unknown." Where do I change this? On UM3 there is no material option called "Unknown" in any of the menues. As I understand it, the material profile is sent by Cura together with the print job, right? EDIT: If I instead save the print job to the USB flash drive and print from there, it doesn't complain at all?!? Is there a bug in Network printing?
  14. Thanks for the reply. I read somewhere else to delete the printer in Cura and select a new one. I did this and after fiddling with the WiFi setup it finally connected after the third setup round. I don't dare to touch the network now to try the LAN cable again. Yes, I have already set a static IP in the router and the faulty IP address you are looking for start with 169.254.xxx.xxx Now I'm having other problems with material setup over network... I will post a new one for that. // Thanks.
  15. I unpacked and installed my UM3 yesterday. The printer was found (LAN) and I authorized the connection and transferred the configuration. Then the connection was lost and have never been restored again. In Cura 3.0.4, UM3 shows up in the list over network devices (discovery works). However, when I click "connect", nothing happens. No message nor error message, just absolutely nothing. UM3 is configured for LAN (checkbox ticked), it got an IP address from my DHCP server and it has connection with the world because it downloaded and upgraded the firmware. I have tried to reboot both UM
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